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  1. THANK YOU Twangster for taking the time to post these pictures. Love them all (except Voyager class)!
  2. I am a big fan of the Solarium pools, especially on the Radiance Class ships. Loved the covered, quiet atmosphere. I am sad to hear that the Oasis and Allure have very small "hot tub" sized pools. But what about the Symphony, Harmony and Ovation. Do they have larger Solarium Pools and are they covered or open? And the Vision and Grandeur? Can you tell I am planning my next RCL cruise...
  3. I was also on this cruise and found the Captain very friendly and approachable. He announced the power outage in the early morning (you could hear warning sirens coming from the bridge as he spoke) and he gave frequent updates. Ventilation was restored very quickly so were were never uncomfortable. His decision to skip HMC was, IMHO, the correct one. It was disappointing but at the time we did not have all engines on line. When he announced his decision he gave complete reasoning. I do question why a new ship would have engine failure. It should not have happened. But I am happy with the $50pp and the port fees credit.
  4. I cruise in 10 days. No assignment yet!! It is so exciting. A guaranteed outside so the risk of a fully obstructed view is possible. But I will be on a cruise so it won't bother me.
  5. Thank you Crew News for the menu. Knowing there will be food available takes some of the stress away. I will avoid the Lido and head for the NY Deli. Knittinggirl, that is a good point to check email before leaving the hotel. Just in case there are delays. Getting excited..............less than 20 days till my cruise.
  6. I received the "suggested" arrival times email today but I have a guaranteed outside cabin so I don't know what deck I belong. When are cabin assignments handed out? Regardless, I will not be arriving at 3pm since the hotel kicks us out at 11am (like many others flying in the day before). Coming from a Canadian winter (it has been snowing since NOVEMBER!!) for my once a year cruise, I really want to get on board as soon as I can. Waiting in line is just part of the anticipation. BUT, I do remember once having to wait outside the terminal in a long line in the hot sun with no shade. That was unpleasant. Those who would find that unmanageable should perhaps adhere to the suggesting arrival times. I saw many unhappy, uncomfortable people in the hot Florida sun that day. I'm sailing on the NS. Can anyone confirm what dining venues are open late on embarkation day besides the Lido. Thanks
  7. If I purchase a beverage package from home for my March cruise and my delivery choice is either "in stateroom" or "Dining Room". How do I not get charged for my beverages upon embarkation, before my stateroom is ready? Is my sea pass card tagged at the dock when I sign in? Thanks
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