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  1. We are just back from the Escape and I also had beef in both La Cucina and Le Bistro and there was no additional charge.
  2. If using a Travel Agent - they can also add the request
  3. We were there in July of 2017 and at the time of year you are visiting it will be hot hot hot. Air conditioning is few and far between including including the port terminal itself and most transportation. We booked the cruise fairly close to our sail date and did our tours thru NCL. Lot's of walking wasn't an option for my husband, so at some stops he just found a bench and relaxed. The buses that were used were well air conditioned and the tour guides we had were excellent and there was no difficulty in understanding them - their voices carried clearly and their english was excellent. Each time we would get off the bus (particularly the city tour) it was like walking into a Sauna. For those that aren't sensitive to the heat or lots of sun a tour in one the fabulous vintage cars that date back to my youth would be a fun experience. Visiting Cuba was a great experience and a trip I would like to repeat soon.
  4. We were there about a year plus ago and there was wheelchair transportation available to take you from the ship to the outer gate in the port area. I did not see any pedicabs but I don’t remember their pier being wide enough for them. The people providing the service are not part of NCL - I’m not sure if it was a flat fee or you just tipped appropriately. My husband has some mobility issues and the pier was way to long a walk for him so I was happy to see this available. We were meeting transportation to a AI resort for the day. When we returned in the afternoon these same gentlemen were near the port entrance to take you back to the ship. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. We are on the 10/27, Breakaway NY-NOLA repo and there is the same issue. Roll Call members have found there are certain dates that are just not available and as of yesterday these dates were both for specialty & complimentary dinning reservations. I checked this early this morning but it was still the same. Someone on our roll call did contact NCL but didn't get a clear explanation as to why these dates are blocked.
  6. In total agreement - for at least the past three years of cruising we have had that preference indicated in their system and the beds were already set up as requested when the cabins became available on embarkation day.
  7. You can also call NCL and put in a request for the beds to be separated and that will be added to your cruise information or if you have worked with a TA they can do that for you. Advance notice is helpful to the cabin Steward - it allows him to make up the beds correctly from the start of your trip. There are times when embarkation day can be very hectic for the staff and when you leave a note it's possible that he/she may not have a opportunity to make the needed change until the following day. My husband now uses a BiPAP machine and we always have the beds separated to allow for the maximum flexibility as to where he runs an extension cord. It can vary greatly from ship to ship and cabin type. As an FYI we are not small people and have not had issues with the size of the beds when separated.
  8. We are seniors, and over the past few years my husband has started to have some mobility issues - that has left me to deal with the countless things that are part of getting to the ship - onto the ship - then back off the ship - and to the car service, taxi, shuttle, whatever with luggage. Particularly now that I have retired and we are at times away for three weeks, which has created more luggage. I am more than happy to tip those that make things easier for me while we still can enjoy traveling - I factor that in as part of the overall cost of the trip.
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