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  1. rockgarden

    Ice Bar in Stockholm, has anyone....

    Thankyou, Northbound. Sounds like we now have a chance to see this place. All information I found out was that it opened around 4 and that was it unless you were on a cruise excursion. Now, we will trek around old town and then to the ice bar - hoping that we can get in. Happy sailing.
  2. rockgarden

    Ice Bar in Stockholm, has anyone....

    Each to his own, Harvey. I just can't see spending that much - besides I don't like the cold that much. RCCL charges 72.00 pp which includes the drink plus a tour around the old part of the city. We are just going to do the old part and, hopefully, trek through one of their department stores. I know the Swedish put out wonderful appliances, so am going to have a look at what they have that we don't. Have a great cruise.
  3. rockgarden

    Ice Bar in Stockholm, has anyone....

    Hi, Joan. Thx much. I have searched and can come up with the hotel,but not much info on the bar. I did read somewhere that it opened up around 4 to 4:30 which doesn't make much sense when our ship leaves at 5:00 p.m. The ship has an excursion to old town and the ice bar in the afternoon so am wondering what time they can get in. The timing is all off, unless the ship has a special setup with the hotel. Oh, well, we do or we don't see it, life will go on, but am not willing to pay $72 each to see old town and the bar.
  4. been to see this attraction? I have not had much luck coming up with any information, except that it is in a hotel in the old part of the city. If you have been, please let me (and probably others) know of your experience. Is it open all day, or only in the afternoon/evening? The best way to get there - other than going on a ship's tour which seems to be bit over the top as far as the price is concerned. Anything anyone knows about this place, will be most welcome to a party of six.
  5. Mike, I think that is who we used. It got a bit confusing at first because we applied to them and ended up with Mal@to-an-fro.com. I believe there must be a few indivuals all operating from the main site, but each owning his own van/car, etc. Anyway, it is much the best way since I figured out we would go from Heathrow, then maybe to Victoria Station, then to Liverpool St and from there to Harwich. A whole mess of lugging the luggage on and off trains, and probably paying as much or more than the price we are paying. At present, all is going well. Hope the same goes for all of you.
  6. Thanks, Nick. This will eliminate the necessity of leaving Heathrow into Liverpool St. carrying all that luggage to get on a train and then perhaps having to make changes along the way. But, I didn't want to get into too much money so now you have made me feel better about the deal.
  7. We have reserved a van along with trailer for luggage for eight of us - Heathrow to Harwich (to our hotels-there are 8 of us) and back again Harwich to London Hotel. Total cost divided between eight comes to 57.09 GBP per person. Is this too much? It just seems the most convenient way to go. Your expert comments, please. thankyou.
  8. rockgarden

    Shots - St.Petersburg

    Thankyou, thankyou to all. So, I will do just what the doctor orders and be safe. Been to Mexico three times, was very careful in all areas and came away without any bad results, but this area of SP was an unknown. Thanks again.
  9. Are shots really necessary or is the reasoning based on a "just in case" scenario? Has anyone not had them and suffered as a result? Thanks.