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  1. ninkb

    Beverage availability?

    Love your attitude, both toward the dependability of HAL, and your willingness to answer questions. You're a blessing to many of us!
  2. ninkb

    self-serve laundry on the Zaandam

    Have not yet been on the Zaandam, but HAL's other ships of that size have self serve laundry facilities, operated by quarters. You can also send out single items for their laundry service, but if you have the time, self serve is much cheaper! Enjoy your cruise!!!
  3. ninkb

    Amplified music is too loud

    I agree with all of you who say the sounds are too loud! My solution is to not attend the shows and to comment about the audio discomfort on my evaluations. Maybe if ALL of us put our complaint in writing we will get somewhere with it.
  4. We've never had a problem with "drop offs" when we've cruised in and out of Boston. Your plans should work out well. Happy sailing!
  5. ninkb


    . . . at the front desk. We didn't receive our 100 day medallion on the qualifying cruise, then not on the next one either. That made us go immediately to the front desk to ask "Why not?" They said it should have happened previously, but gave us the medallions the next day. However, no pictures of them being placed over our heads . . . just 2 boxes left in the cabin. The benefits are the same, but the glamor was missing.
  6. ninkb

    When is a good time to transfer a booking to a TA?

    I always appreciate the help, as well as occasional OBC our TA gives. We booked our upcoming cruise while on a cruise last year and had it immediately put in our TA's name. Recently she was able to get us a discount on our HAL shore excursions for the upcoming cruise. They were not available at the time of booking. Every benefit helps. Since we had a specific cabin we wanted, there was no reason to work with a PCC in selecting the cruise or cabin. I'm sure things are different for other cruisers, but this works for us. Good luck with all your cruising details.
  7. ninkb

    Tips for bringing pop onboard

    Remember the days before carry ons had wheels? We had a "trolley" with 2 wheels at that time, and now it easily carries 3 bungy corded 12 packs of my favorite no sugar added, cherry coke. I wheel it on; no problem with cans exploding or suitcase/clothing getting sprayed with explosive cans. Works beautifully for long cruises when it's hard to hand carry more than 2 cartons, plus other essential carry-ons.
  8. ninkb

    Veranda cabin categories

    Some cabin categories were changed because of their location. They are now more "desirable" because they are midship rather than the old "cheaper" price because they are on lower decks. Personally, I think it's more of the $ game . . . get more money for each sailing by changing the category rather than simply raising prices. Makes you think you're getting a better cabin because of the category . . . and that's not always true. All past passengers now need to adjust and carefully research future cabin choices. For our next cruise, we made the reservation during a cruise. Signed up at one price, then a few days later were told it would be more because the cabin would be in a different category by the time we sailed. Of course we paid the difference; we really wanted that particular cabin, on that particular cruise. I was just a bit surprised that the FCC didn't know about the correct pricing when we first booked. For me, HAL cruising is worth paying more money.
  9. Have cruised both lines, and always in inside cabins. There is no comparison in size of the cabins. NCL was so tiny we could hardly move. HAL has some good sized insides and we usually can book one of those. As to formality, HAL isn't as formal as it used to be. Unless you really want to go to the main dining room in sweats or jeans at dinner, you don't have to be "dressed up". I don't even pack heals or dresses for formal nights. Slacks, flats, and a glitzy top work just fine. We have also enjoyed the food and service on HAL much more than our NCL cruises. Of course, what pleases one person does not please the other. Just be sure that you've researched current trends on both lines before making your choice. And I strongly agree with other posters, itinerary is important. That's the only reason we've chosen NCL in the past. Good luck in making your decision.
  10. ninkb

    Just became 3-Star

    ... for the clarification. I do like your idea of HAVING to book a next cruise so that I can use those new amenities. Or maybe with the new "organization" at HAL and Carnival Corp. there will be new ways of doing things.
  11. ninkb

    Just became 3-Star

    It's exciting to know that some of you have received the new pins before you got home. Did you also get a new room card with the correct number of stars so that you received the appropriate amenities onboard? Our next cruise is 35 days (17 + 18) collector's cruise and we'll become 4* on the return trip. We'd love to be able to use the new amenities (particularly the laundry) before the cruise ends. Do we have any chance of this happening?
  12. . . . for posting this. It does give those choosing cabins a heads up. It's not the experience HAL passengers have come to expect and to appreciate. Not that we expect perfection, but this is a situation far from perfect. Hoping your next veranda cabin will be much better. :):):)
  13. ninkb

    Change in Bed Time Chocolates

    Just finished the 14 day New England and Canada excursion on Maasdam and she had the regular chocolates. DH brought most of them home since we ate so well on the ship. I don't feed him the way HAL does! Haven't had time to read all of the thread, but I join with everyone who hopes this old tradition doesn't change. It's a part of HAL as far as I'm concerned.
  14. ninkb and husband (Nancy and Jim) will be on Veendam, Voyage of the Vikings for the 35 day sailing beginning July 12, 2014.
  15. ninkb

    Little reminders

    Doesn't that tag number correspond to the laundry bag number? If you leave tags on clothes while cruising and mix together things that have been in previous loadS won't some of the things risk being "lost and maybe not found" ? Perhaps the excellent workers in HAL's laundry are trained to watch for previous tags and remove them to prevent mix ups. I was surprised to recently find a tag on DH's jeans that has lived on those pants since last spring! So much for "sharp eyesight"! No excuses from this laundry lady. But it did leave me wishing for another cruise, like right now!