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  1. We ended up getting seated with Percival and his team on day one.... and requested him every night after. Amazing service, smile and singing voice!
  2. We have anytime dining but usually find a waiter we like and then request them each night, even though we might have to wait a little. Has anyone has a great one that we should ask for?
  3. Does anyone know if I could use a carnival gift card for the purchase of a GoPro on board?
  4. http://www.wealwayswander.com/cruise-ship-fun.html Here is a link to the one that I created for my nephew on our last cruise. If you like it and want an editable format send me your email address and I will get it to you. We used it for him to have fun, and to earn spending money for each port.... complete 15 get so much $ and then complete 15 more get $ etc.
  5. I have only had cheers once so I am new to the "tricks" but how do you save leftover drinks each day? I probably wouldn't anyway because I am a little too lazy on vacation and wouldn't go through the trouble (haha) but I couldn't even think how you would do that.
  6. I think I am compairing apples to apples - ocean view room right next to mine is now $200 cheaper direct on Carnival. Says it is the same category
  7. I am past final payment date. I do not think I would want an upgrade up one level as it would put me right under the galley..... maybe noisy?
  8. I booked with Carnival direct in July at a VFIP rate. The price for a cabin one level up from me and the same level are both $150-$200 less online now. But I am told they will not price match. I sail Oct 14th so I can not cancel and re-book either. Does this sound correct?
  9. I could not find the answer on the website - is there a charge for the steam room and sauna on the Carnival Elation?
  10. I am on the Elation Oct 14th.... are they still on the old Brunch Menu?
  11. On a 5 day cruise, is there one formal night? Is it night 2? First Sea day night? Carnival Elation OCt 2019 - Our itinerary is Sail Day Sea Day Amber Cove Grand Turk Sea Day
  12. Thank you everyone. I had used Google and found that article also - but never trust everything I find online so was not sure if it was a complete list. Thanks!
  13. My Mom is trying to figure out what her first cruise ship was..... it was a May (Mothers Day) 1992 cruise on Carnival to the Western Carribean. I narrowed it down to the Ecstasy, but she doesn't think that was it. She thinks she sailed from Ft Lauderdale? Any ideas?
  14. I agree - no cons except the physical packing of your luggage.... encourages you to pack lighter. If we have FTTF we get there whenever we want and drop bags in the room, no FTTF we just time it so we arrive after 1:30. I like never worrying about losing my bags
  15. I have done Los Veranos in Puerto Vallarta twice and thought it was great ... has anyone had what they think is a better experience than that one in a different location (Cabo or Mazatlan) or one of the different companies in Puerto Vallarta?
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