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  1. Thank you everyone. I had used Google and found that article also - but never trust everything I find online so was not sure if it was a complete list. Thanks!
  2. My Mom is trying to figure out what her first cruise ship was..... it was a May (Mothers Day) 1992 cruise on Carnival to the Western Carribean. I narrowed it down to the Ecstasy, but she doesn't think that was it. She thinks she sailed from Ft Lauderdale? Any ideas?
  3. I agree - no cons except the physical packing of your luggage.... encourages you to pack lighter. If we have FTTF we get there whenever we want and drop bags in the room, no FTTF we just time it so we arrive after 1:30. I like never worrying about losing my bags
  4. On the Carnival Splendor is the Steam Room part of the Spa Pass only access or is it included in the standard fare?
  5. We want to do a trip to Stone Island on our own.... no tour. It sounds as if loungers are hard to get there..... not a chair, but a true lounge chair. Is this true? How early must one get there to score one?
  6. What are your top 3 must not miss activities on the ship? A spa treatment? A bingo game? Dr Suess breakfast? Anything.... tell me your top 3 things you can't miss on a Carnival Cruise!
  7. I couldn't figure out how to upload a picture so I linked to a new page on my website. If a link is not allowed - could someone tell me how to add a picture? http://www.wealwayswander.com/cruise-ship-fun.html Anyway - I created the scavenger hunt for my nephew for our upcoming Carnival Splendor cruise.... any suggestions on fun things to add? I am thinking that I will create points for the photos and if he gets so many points before each port then he will "win" cruise bucks to spend in port. Any other ideas?
  8. Taking my 13 yr old nephew on his first vacation / cruise in November on the Carnival Splendor. Our flight to the port will be 3 hours, staying in a hotel the night before, and we have FTTF when we board. I want to get him a gift bag / basket to give him before we go..... what should I include in it???
  9. Is the 7 day pass the same price if bought onboard vs pre-purchasing? I like the idea of touring it first.
  10. I love to gift and I am one who hates to give $$ or gift cards because they feel so impersonal. However I would never give anything other than $ now that I have seen how small their living spaces are. I do love the idea of asking if they NEED something from port though. Check out this utube video of how small their spaces are!
  11. I have been debating on backpack vs. beach tote for my carry on and shore excursion bag.... I can't decide!
  12. Has anyone created a scavenger hunt for their kids to complete while on the cruise? We are on the Splendor in November and I was thinking about a scavenger hunt / things to do list where he would complete different activities or find different things on the ship. Earn a souvenir prize at the end or something. Has anyone done something like this?
  13. I cruise Nov 24th.... final payment day is coming up so I will be checking very frequently!
  14. I have been looking and looking for it - yes I think it is worth it. My question is....... have you ever wanted it and never had it become available? I am being told over and over to be patient and keep looking, and that everyone who wants it ends up getting it - any truth to that?
  15. So the arrival time into a port that is listed is the ship's time, not the local time? So if a tour (not through the ship) is listed as 10 am in Cabo then the ship time would be 9am.... do I understand that correctly? I will have a watch for getting on and off the ship so I won't miss it.... just trying to plan for activities and see what is an option for booking on my own.
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