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  1. They have shut down. But this ship was already at sea. They have to get the passengers off somehow and somewhere.
  2. I'm wondering what everyone's experience has been. I used to think that they comped the room and let me bring additional guests if I wanted to. Now it seems they want a lot of money for the third guest who will be a three year old. Maybe they changed it, but in the past I went on a cruise with two friends and we all just paid taxes. Now Im looking at paying thousands for the three year old in my comped room. Is this normal?
  3. Could the Key be getting discontinued? I just looked at my cruise which is on the 15th and it is not there....but it was there yesterday...….
  4. Be careful if you have any back, shoulder or neck pain or injuries. I found it a little difficult to hold my arms out in the superman position while the force of the wind was coming up from the bottom. They had to keep motioning for me to put my arms correctly. I was able to adjust, but I felt anyone who was a little weaker might not have been able to hold the position. Im not gonna lie...I was a little sore the next day in my arms.....it felt like I had worked out.
  5. Thank you for updating us. This is sad.
  6. LOL I looked up the name you gave and I got an assortment of Indian chips and crackers.....then I added float to the name and it was able to figure out what I wanted!!!! I am completely loving your review. I started a while ago and then I was hooked and couldn't find updates....I figured I'd give it a rest and come back searching. Now I sat here reading it for an hour!!!!!! Wonderful job!!!!!
  7. Hi! I was actually trying to do a little research to see if the butterfly farm is still open. I am starting to think it is not. But while doing my research I cam across a little information on Parrot Ville Bird park. It gets great reviews on trip advisor. Sounds like a simple cab will get you there and the admission price seems very reasonable pictures look great as well. I have never been there but the reviews look excellent.
  8. I've had this happen three time when I have booked with Pricelie.com All three times I got a letter from the airline (and priceline) telling me of the change. The airline letter has always said if there is an issue with this change please contact us. I have contacted them on two of the changes and they have changed the flight with no fee. In both instances I was told anything over thirty minutes they will change without a fee. one of the experiences was with American and one was with Delta. GET BACK ON THE PHONE AND ESCALATE!!!!!!!
  9. Does anyone have a Royal Babies Nursery schedule or the child program "dailies" from a recent Anthem of the Seas sailing? I'm curious about the hours of operation. Thank you!!
  10. Thank you everyone!!! I just got on Cruisecritic to get to the bottom of this exact issue!!!!
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