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  1. Carnival has called and e-mailed me stating that we should begin boarding at 2:30 for our cruise this Sunday. We've always gotten to the port early to get our vacation started and enjoy lunch at the buffet. Has anyone experienced being denied boarding at an earlier time than their assignment? Any advice would be welcomed! Cheers.
  2. iEmpire

    Are you a smoker?

    I dip tobacco but I don't think this will look very attractive on a cruise ship so I'll have to keep it lowkey. I love the occasional cigar though!
  3. iEmpire

    YOUR FAULT CC!!! Steakhouse Info

    Just another post in agreement with 2+ hours and it is definitely worth it, bang for your buck!
  4. Thanks for those responses, yeah the water slides do look pretty fun!
  5. Going on this ship in May, any suggestions and/or comments would be greatly appreciated! :)
  6. iEmpire

    Party Pooper?

    You can eat, drink, gamble, lay out by the pool... never gets old!
  7. iEmpire

    MDR vs Buffet

    Main Dining Room for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if possible!!! ...then the buffet and pizzeria for snacks!
  8. I got upset when a photographer wanted me to lay down on the floor in odd positions when getting pictures taken with my girlfriend! We took a couple standard shots and then she asked me to do other poses that I did not feel like doing in my formal attire! I simply said, "no, this is ridiculous" and walked away.
  9. iEmpire

    Biggest casino winnings

    I won $400 on the Carnival Elation a couple years ago between quarter slots, black jack and roulette. Otherwise it's always up and down.
  10. iEmpire

    Tampa ~ a day at Ybor City

    [quote name='tmtip']There is a great little Greek Restaurant there. It is very lively, lots of music, belly dancers and napkin throwing! We enjoyed it very much but unfortunately I can't remember the name of it. It is probably the only Greek place in the area, it was a corner unit. Hope this helps![/QUOTE] Acropolis, it's one of my favorites! Also what the above poster said about it not being safe at night is pretty true. But there are good restaurants, some bars, a movie theater and Game Works. Nice to walk around for the day.
  11. iEmpire

    Booked and ready to go NOW!

    Also going a week after you and the anticipation is getting more and more difficult to bear! This is going to be a difficult two and a half months...
  12. iEmpire

    Drink prices

    What are the price differences between the 12 ounce and 16 ounce bottles of domestic beer? And what are the prices of scotch (no mixer) like on the rocks? Thanks!
  13. What was the strategy on packing them in your luggage, if you don't mind my asking? Did you just wrap them heavily in clothes or what?
  14. I'll be on in May and would also like to know about the gym. How crowded is the gym around 2-3 PM? Also what's the current going rate for a domestic vs. imported beer on board?