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  1. You have obviously misunderstood if you think "you're mad they didn't let you hang around the ship the rest of the day.........". I am upset that NCL didn't provide the b2b cruisers assistance in getting home. I am upset that the senior officers on board assured us we would get reimbursed for our expenses. I am upset that upon returning home NCL basically ignores me and gives me canned responses saying they won't give us any compensation for our unexpected international, last minute, flights back home. I'm sorry for your experience and am glad it seems you are doing better. Ju
  2. Out of curiosity, if you were on our ship, why didn't you join the roll call? Or perhaps you did and I just didn't realize to have met you.
  3. Of course you have to also wait 90 days for them to pay you back... I have already said I would take the FCC because we have 6 Cruise Next certificates we purchased in January. Just wished they would acknowledge me with a human response and at least the appearance of caring.
  4. Surprise, surprise. My email to Harry Sommer was responded by Paula Ponder, Manager, Guest Relations. Again, they can't bother responding with an actual response that speaks of my circumstances I have written about, just another canned response. Thank you for your email to Harry Sommer, President & CEO. We greatly appreciate the understanding of our valued guests during these fluid, unprecedented and challenging times. Our organization stands behind the two options listed below and no further compensation will be granted. • All guests on impacted voyages will re
  5. Yes, this was their emailed response: Thank you for writing in. We greatly appreciate the understanding of our valued guests during these fluid, unprecedented and challenging times. While we understand the basis of your request for compensation, respectfully, we are unable to comply with your request. Nevertheless, we are sorry for any discontent caused by our response. Thank you for the opportunity to respond. We appreciate your patience in the interim and we sincerely regret any concern or inconvenience you may have experienced. We do value your business and hope that you
  6. I truly believe they just told everyone that so they wouldn't have a riot on their hands. Some people were getting very loud. I understood people being upset, but the crew had nothing to do with it and were only the messengers. I have sent an email to Mr. Sommer, couldn't find the email for Mr. Del Rio.
  7. It is correct, plus I even went to the guest relations desk and they told me the same thing. I was also told by other B2B cruisers they were told the same thing. I had a gut feeling they wouldn't honor it in the end since I didn't have anything in writing though. Unfortunately, my gut feeling was correct.
  8. Did you even read my post, or a post a few below to OP?
  9. That email address doesn't work 😞 Edit, seems to be hsommer@ncl.com
  10. I loved Alaska, we've done both, cruise and land. I personally recommend Alaska by land (you can still do the glaciers from land excursions) via RV. As for cruising, I personally felt the cruise we did around the tip of South America to be far greater than our Alaska cruise. Namely because you get to see so much from the ship, cruising through the channels and glaciers as well as wildlife (penguins, seals, sea lions, dolphins, whales).
  11. Lol, well there wasn't much time for us left on board at this point. Luckily I am savvy and was able to get us flights booked well before a lot of the others. The only reason we chose to "streamline" (as some other poster tried to use in a negative way) our transportation to the airport was the fact it was 2 hours away from the airport, in a major commercial port, and I figured we would have the easiest time getting reimbursed if we chose their direct service. Ha, how wrong I was at that point in hoping they would stand by their word and reimburse us. Our flights were nearly $1,100 per per
  12. Thank you for giving your experience and success, I'm so glad they listened and gave you a full refund. We were super lucky to have just ended our NCL SE Asia cruise in Hong Kong on Jan 25 and barely got out of there. Funny this happens to us on the very next NCL cruise we had scheduled. I actually tried to get out of the SA cruise due to the fact I wasn't sure what was going on with the virus. We too were told no way we would get a refund and would lose all our money. I am glad we went and at least got the first half of our trip as it was a really cool cruise. Do you have the
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