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  1. Sounds like it's trying to get a square peg into a round hole!!
  2. @Ourusualbeach After giving this more thought, I'm wondering how difficult this is going to be to line up our FCC to a new booking since prices are always being jockeyed around by different sales. We purchased during the BOGO 60% off so our 2nd & 3rd passenger prices are much lower than the 1st passenger.
  3. Thanks Another question for you. Our FCC is for three people. When we apply it to a future cruise, is it treated as a lump sum and can it be applied to the new taxes and fees or just the total before the taxes and fees.
  4. @Ourusualbeach I read on another link (somewhere) that if you for some reason need to make a change to the booking that you have applied your FCC to (example: change date, cancel....) you will entirely lose the amount of the FCC. True? Could you elaborate. And if that is true, I am thinking there really is no 'value' to insure if they are treating it like they have 'refunded' it to you. I usually insure through Travel Guard on my own.
  5. I just called the Rewards Redemption number 888-305-4626. If you are not immediately rebooking, you just need to give them a call once you have rebooked to have them reapply your credit card OBC reward to your new booking. They said you should have your redemption confirmation # or confirmation # from originally applying your rewards for them to reference.
  6. A bit trivial right now, but as I am looking at options into next year, balcony and JS cabins that have shown Sofa Beds are now showing the third pullman symbol. Are they really getting rid of all of the Sofa Beds or is this just a glitch in the reservation portion of the website. If you go directly to 'ships' and 'deckplans' (NOT in reservations) they still show Sofa Bed symbols............. Stay well ya'll !!!!
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