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  1. I think using Uber is at least as bad, if not moreso, than using Premier Parking in NJ.


    People do NOT understand that, in our state, if you are not properly insured, you're screwed and CANNOT LEGALLY carry passengers..



    I am tired of people trying to save a buck and choosing cash over safety.


    Have at it, and when you're injured, don't come here crying for sympathy, you will not get any...


    I'm with njhorseman here.....


    Thank you for this info...what is your suggestion for 4 of us with 4 pieces of checked luggage from EWR to the port for the Summit in May? Can cabs fit all this? Thanks in advance!!

  2. It is ridiculous and it is fraud. This is nothing more than a classic example of the over indulged, spoiled, self entitled attitude that has destroyed this country. Those two live beanie babies being pushed in a stroller are NOT service animals or support dogs. They are someone's pets who selfishly LIED about their role in order to bring them on a cruise. PERIOD.


    I flew on a major airline last weekend and sat in the gate area with a woman with a ****zhu on a PILLOW. Yes you read that right a pillow. It had a bow in its special hairdo too. She went so far as to put in the special service dog vest she had bought on the internet. Someone questioned what "service" the dog performed. I loudly stated "helping her avoid paying a fee to fly her pet" which got some snickers and responses of agreement. Someone asked if it could be a service dog. I answered it was always possible but any dog that is sitting propped on a pillow like a deity certainly isn't performing any service I can see. "What about the vest?" We pulled up the exact same vest on Amazon and showed the picture to the inquisitor. Lying about the animal's purpose + vest on internet does not make you less of a liar.


    Until we stand up to this garbage the frauds and the liars will continue to get away with it.


    You are so right!!!

  3. I don't know if this is true of the whole line, but the Summit in September was serving Lavazza coffee in the MDR and the buffet and it was very good. Coffee has been one of the things we miss on a cruise; we make do with Lattes from Al Bacio, but we love a good cup of coffee in the morning, maybe two. On this cruise, I noticed the Lavazza packages and decided to try the coffee. Whoever was in charge of preparing it did a wonderful job. Maybe Lavazza clearly explains how to make the coffee. I'm not sure, but I hope this will be true of other ships and wasn't simply a matter of personal choice of Paul Kelly, the Hotel Manager.



    Most are included in the classic package; A few may require the premium. We have had the premium package (with and without alcohol) so I'm not sure about that.




    Totally agree.. the Lavazza coffee in the buffet last week was pretty good, but I did have an Americano everyday too.

  4. So far, only one negative experience to editorialize:


    Captain’s Club Celebration:


    Several years ago this afternoon event provided a party like atmosphere with a drinks menu, wonderful food stations offering crepes, sushi, fruit and roast beef on a bun.. an event for which we would skip lunch. During the event, the orchestra, string trio, a cappella and cast singers would offer entertainment and the dance floor would then be open as the orchestra played on. If large numbers of CC members were on board, the event would be split into two afternoon sessions.


    On our Black Sea Cruise, the CC Celebration was held in the theatre on day two, a sea day. The 7 member orchestra played and entertainment was provided by the cast as well as by TNT, a singing duo. This sailing the orchestra was reduced to three members and the string trio provided the entertainment. Beverage was restricted to wine, sparkling wine and sangria, handed out as passengers were seated. Food consisted of an offering of deviled egg and shrimp in a glass. Dress code for the event has been changed from smart casual to casual


    I don’t know if these changes are being introduced across the fleet but I no longer see the need to interrupt my day for a glass of bubbly and brief entertainment offered daily in other venues. At what point does a “celebration” become a non-event? It would make more sense to cancel this event and combine it with the senior officers party.


    You are right Arno...same thing on Summit a couple of weeks ago. No real celebration anymore and really not worth it for me to interrupt my day by the pool.

  5. Ohhh I just noticed where you're from.


    I know the area.


    Are you coming down I-77?


    Hi Seamonkey..


    No we are not driving this time (too far with a couple of teenagers in the car). We are flying to MCO and have rental reserved with Thrifty, then off to Cocoa Beach for a couple of days, then down to Miami for a 4 nighter on Majesty of the Seas, Now you know why my questions...I don't think Im liking this cashless system, Thrifty wants 5.99 per day, for the little bit I would use it.


    Are you from my area?




  6. At this time there is ONE toll $1.25 on the Beachline ....Rt 528....from the airport.


    They are almost done building another closer to the Cape... don't know when it will open but pretty soon.


    They have booths at both of them.


    Those who live around the area know how to get around most of the toll booths around Orlando IF they have time but not on 528


    Alas I also have to use a transponder for picking up and dropping off family at the airport.


    UNLESS the TAG of the car you are using is registered with the Sun pass... you will probably get fined.

    So this is one consideration when renting and purchasing the pass.


    Make SURE the tag is registered by the rental company and you should get it in writing.


    People need to squawk at the Florida AG about getting ripped off.




    She's really great at ripoffs.



    ...thanks for the help, but if I pay the tolls at the toll booths on 528 I don't need to worry about the tag in the car, correct? Or is another option, I buy a transponder and register it to my rental car and go that way?

    Thanks again, but this technology is sure changing things.



  7. Looking for help from locals in Florida...it is my understanding that renting a car in Orlando and taking the Beachline expressway, tolls can be paid at toll booths. Going down to Miami to return the rental car on a Sunday is no tolls on I95, but how about the airport expressway going to the rental car returns?




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