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  1. I know weather is always unespected and have read many times that one shouldn't be worried about seasons to plan a trip for FP, but reading quite few people here sailing french polinesia during october and november I wouldn't like to loss this chance to get a first hand "REAL" information about how has been the weather?¿?¿?¿ November or january are my only two possibilities to get enough days for this trip, (at list 18) but it is really so far that I wouldn't like to take too much risk with rain. We are mediterranean so going such a long trip to get lot of rain or don't enjoy so beautiful islands with all their nice colors would be really a pity!! then I prefer to wait until 2010 and try to asure best season. I also have some doubts to decide for the 7 or 10/11 nights. I'm not sure if the society islands get best itinerary on the 7 nights than on 10/11, and then going for a land stay to the tuamotus, or if really the 10 or 11 nights it's worth to sail, does it really enjoy enough the tuamotus? it is a dreamed trip for us and would like to get at it best! I really appreciate your opinions. thank you!:)
  2. please Carmelita, how was the weather during your cruise? as you sailed the 10 or 11 nights, was the weather very different from societe islands to tuamotu atoll? I'm sorry to put here my question:o, but as I'm thinking to go next november-09 I'm really interested about how much risky could it be during rainy season. I'm going to put a new post with this question, then you can answer there, if possible. thank you!
  3. Thank you for good news slp123 I think these are the best news we could have, but of course it will take a few days to recover the usual transit. European news says that totaly recover will take at least 10 to 15 days. I'm not very worried by myself, as I'm not flying until january 12th, but I feel really curious to know what happened with cruises around bangkok or other places in thailand during unrest and next recovering proccess. Star Clipper is sailing every saturday at this time of the year mostly to and from phuket, (it got departure last 29th nov?¿ and is sheduled to depart next 6h december) then, what about the people that had to fly to and/or from Bangkok before to get phuket island? does anybody knows something about it? My cruise is sheduled for 17th january so it is stil plenty of time, but did anybody receive advise from cruise lines? several embassies in europe does suggest don't travel to thailand until things goes as usual.:confused:
  4. Just to have a look about it. We are going to sail the southern FAR EAST route onboard the Star Clipper next January. Our balance was already payed, of course. Fortunately we are flying directly to Phuket but we are a bit surprised/worried for not get any new or advisement from Star Clippers while embassies does recommend not to travel to Thailand during unrest. I'll keep one eye here to read anything about it.
  5. Does anybody know something about it?:confused: It looks like problems in Bangkok are not finishing yet. Star clipper have your departure point from Phuket, and also fortunately we have a direct flight from Munich to Phuket, (next january) but what happens for most of travelers that are arriving to phuket via Bangkok? is there somebody going on Star Clipper on next departure? has Star Clipper tell something or send some advise about it?
  6. We used internet on Royal Clipper may-07 and also on Star Clipper jan-08, unfortunately we never been (yet ;)) onboard Star Flyer around FP but I think it must be available too. Cheers!
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