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  1. Thank you for sharing this. It's beautiful! I was there the next year and walked down to ground zero. A very Erie and sad feeling came over me. I went to the church and lit a candle in memory of all the lost souls! Our province helped out in a big way on that tragic day! Some people come here (Gander) every year to visit the people who took care of them! Such heartwarming stories and great friendships have come out of that sad time in our lives! May all those perished rest in peace. To all the families left to mourn, god bless you!
  2. Hello from my small town of Pouch Cove, NL, Canada. "The first to see the sun!" I hope everyone is doing well, washing your hands and wearing masks when required! Here right now, on our little island we have only two active cased of Covid 19 which was travel related! We seem to be doing things right! Let's hope it will continue. Schools opened yesterday! Let's hope that won't be our "second wave"!!! Since June 8th when things started opening up more, and traveling within our bubble... the Atlantic provinces, we have been doing more "Staycationing". For Newfound
  3. Thank you. Uplifting for sure! Well done! Can't wait to be sailing again! 🤞🛳🏝🥂
  4. My sister and husband are on now, redirected to fort lauderdale from Saun Juan. Suppose to arrive tomorrow. Everything is good on the ship and not quarantined. I would say there's going to be some confusion getting in Port Everglades in the morning as lots of ships waiting to dock and fly to their destination!!
  5. I noticed the price increase as well. We cancelled our Equinox for Apr 11-21 and would like to book for around the same time next year, with the same perks as we had. Price is for a 12 night with similar ports at over $3500 CAN, pp! With no perks! Ridiculous for an inside cabin!! We can't get a refund as we had FCC put towards this one! I guess we will see. We can't afford to pay that much for a 12 night. I'm so sad right now! Lets hope the price drops
  6. Good for you! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. I'm not usually confrontational either but I think people need to start speaking up so that these germs aren't spread like in your exact situation!!! I wonder where some people learn simple hygiene and manners!!! Those filling up bottles, I for one won't be doing that!!!
  7. Well thank you so much for that! Our Caribbean cruise is in April, out of FLL, and of course past final payment! I was a little concerned but I knew "Caribbean" wasn't on the list for the virus!!! Thank goodness! Let's hope it stays that way! Somewhat relieved hearing this. 👏🏻👏🏻 I've touched base with TA and she says Celebrity hasn't given any indication of changing anything as of now!! People just need to practice clean hygiene and washy washy Frequently!! I will have my hand sanitizer in beach bag and evening bag!! I would like to see an employee manning the restrooms
  8. Personally I think it’s greed! I’ve had many martinis at the Martini bar on different ships in the 2 oz glass choosing from 3 flavours. Now if they start refusing I will be addressing it for sure. Sad thing is, when they mix the drinks, I’m sure they pour more than an ounce down the sink...lol. Makes no sense to me 😳 Plus if I choose to pay the difference in price for each martini ( classic to premium) it won’t be long adding up. By the time the exchange goes on it, be almost $5 per drink! Not happening lol
  9. Yes unfortunately. They recently changed it from classic pkg. 😡
  10. I certainly wasn't counting on "anything" other than the service I paid for! Out of my 4 Cel cruises, this was the worst service I had received at the martini bar! This gentleman spent every evening there before dinner having drinks. We had a lovely conversation....was a nice way to meet someone...lol. I guess my tip wasn't large enough for them to serve me! They shouldn't be counting on tips, they are getting paid to provide a service to paid packages!
  11. Lucky you! On the Reflection this past March I was refused a martini at the martini bar, classic pkg!! Very disappointing as you pay enough for the pkg. I didn't care if it was in a smaller glass but nooooooo!! A kind gentleman passed his " premium " card and said give her what she wants!! 😲
  12. On the other cruises I've done with Celebrity there wasn't an issue using the "classic pkg" at the Martini bar. It's just the way you are made feel when ordering and then being told sorry you have to go to another bar. We don't serve martinis on the classic pkg!! Instead of saying, we serve 3 types and would be in the 2 oz glass.....ok I'm fine with that!!! I won't be upgrading as with the Canadian dollar it just don't make sense. I think I've paid enough! I will get served by some other nice bartenders at another bar....like I did before. I've had some pretty nice ones too....and never
  13. See that's ridiculous that we are made feel this way. No one should be refused a drink. Not like we didn't pay for a pkg!! Perk or no, price is still built in!! 😞😞
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