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  1. Not sure if this is where I’m supposed to post but... Just off the Reflection and was in cabin # 3119 OV. The piping goes through the ceiling. If you want any sleep don’t choose this cabin. On our 10 night cruise, we tried getting moved after second day but apparently our cabin wasn’t considered an emergency!!! Just an FYI!!
  2. For anyone interested in getting any sleep on your cruise. FYI, don’t get OV 3119. We just got off Apr 1st (Mar 22nd sailing) and had very little sleep as the water pipes are above this room. All you can hear day and night is a very loud swooshing sound. We asked to be moved but no luck. It certainly put a damper on this cruise. On our last cruise we were on the Equinox and same deck with no problems at all.
  3. Sailed on Infinity in November and in my opinion the piano isn’t in a very good place. There aren’t many seating places and you have people/waiters walking by all the time. It’s right next to the Bar. The music however was lovely to listen to. He engages the audience.
  4. Try "Tiami" catamaran. We went with them a few years ago. Had a great time. Yes beer was served. Not crowded. Great reviews on them as well. Good luck!
  5. Hi, I have a question, I'm sailing on the Infinity later this month and I already have another cruise booked for March on the Reflection(10 nights). I'm wondering, if that's already booked with a TA, with an OV, would it be better to cancel booking and rebook onboard with the supposedly better perks? Possibly moving to a better category (veranda)? We have the 2 perks already, classic beverage pkg and a $300 OBC. Hope I made sense in explaining...lol Thanks, Catherine
  6. Well hello to you too. Thanks. I just found it. Enjoy your cruise. Looks like you will be on the thanksgiving one!!
  7. So glad to hear she is still in good shape. My friend and I will be on her Nov 24th. Has anyone see a thread for this date? I'm sure I posted to a roll call ( I know or I thought I read that there are no roll calls for under 7 days) but I did post somewhere about the cruise but cannot find it anywhere. I've been searching for the date and it's not listed. Can someone please help? Thank you, Cathy
  8. Deepest condolences to Mr Cosol's family. Did a tour with his company/ brother in law "Yellow Bird" a few years ago. Enjoyed it very much. On the tour they went out of their way to rearrange the schedule so that I could do the mud bath while others went to the volcano. They had arranged for another guide to come with myself and my hubby and stay with us until we were picked up! Fabulous service. I do hope they can keep this reputable company going. I hope his murderers are punished to the fullest extent of the law!!!!!
  9. Look up Sheepy Tours. We used this tour a few years ago and enjoyed it. This was before the devastating hurricane. I am pleased to report that he is back in business. I have him on FB and he had pictures on of a group doing a tour. Looked great!!!
  10. Dominica was such a beautiful unspoiled island. While the lush vegetation and beautiful tours up in the mountains, there most certainly are beaches. I was to a black sand beach called Mero beach a few years ago. Had such a lovely day there. I certainly hope they are able to rebuild their beautiful island.
  11. This thread is halarious and %100 accurate. Last year on our 14 night Eclipse cruise we had trouble getting 2 lounge chairs after breakfast every day. We walked around on 2 decks and nothing to be found, lots of towels...etc on them but no bodies!!! So, we asked a pool attendant if he could find us 2 chairs together. We walked around the pool deck with the guy and he asked people who were sitting if/ how long chairs were empty that were next to them. So, we have our chairs and loan behold, within 30 mins of relaxing, over came the couple looking for Their chairs that had been empty for more than 2 hrs....lol ( so the couple told us who had been there)! They asked why we were in their seats, well we didn't get a chance to open our mouths, the couple who had told the attendant, just told them about the 30 min rule. They were pissed. They were told to go to customer service to retrieve their things! Whew!!! We dodged that bullet!!! I don't understand why people hog chairs in the shade and in the sun anyway. Like, come on! And why get up at 5 am to do it! Ridiculous. I get you want chairs but you don't have to leave them for the entire day. We leave to go for lunch and / or swim! I hope I'm not considered a HOG! :eek:
  12. I'm not sure what happened either. It was weird. We did see the vouchers and made the calls and aske our Stewart to get them for us... But this " only have 3 things at a time" was something else!!! Prepaid, preordered....ours...plain and simple... Not so much for Princess....lol
  13. I'm not sure, but we figured by preordering we could see that it was in Canadian dollars, and it would have been already paid for :D
  14. Well, when ordering the only 2 people in our room were very mature adults...lol. They would have known how old we were when preordering. We did have them but wasn't as easy as it should have been. This was my first time sailing Princess. Itcal94, That sounds really strange . That is one of the first things i do as well as get some wine glasses. Usually if we don't have he beverage package I get 3-4 beer packages , rum and crown. I normally ask for the rum and crown and one of the buckets along with the glasses . The only delay is if it's close to muster still time , then they come shortly afterwards . I thought so to. I understand it's busy during sail away and muster drill. But it took to many times to ask!
  15. Port Everglades! Vouchers were in the room but would not deliver until the next day! Even after several attempts to kindly ask.
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