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  1. I love my Oasis class ships on RC, but regarding the pizza, my opinion is that it's pretty darn bad. I honestly do think that Tombstone is better. Not that that stops me from getting it every night as an after dinner snack, but I do wish they would improve it to some degree.
  2. Looking at all the thread starter's other posts, they are apparently in love with Carnival and pre-disposed to find any and all fault with RC. That's fine if you prefer Carnival, sail them. Just don't come here and seemingly try to troll the board and get people riled. Are the burgers and pizza better on Carnival? I've never sailed them so I don't know but I think they likely are. That being said, I don't choose my cruise based on burgers and pizza.
  3. I have no issue where anyone wants to have dinner. Glad there are options. I personally like the slow 2 hr pace where I can chat with table mates and waiters. For that reason I have no interest in WJ. For folks of a generation that want to get in and out quickly that's fine. It's not me. Not sure why people are getting confrontational about the topic. Go where you'd like. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. I'm perfectly fine with the WJ during the day for a lunch option. I would be very much against the MDR going away for dinner. I want to be able to slow down and enjoy a leisurely meal. The WJ doesn't have the vibe for me. When I'm there I feel like I want to get in and get out. It is not relaxing. I would seriously rethink RC as a vacation without the MDR.
  5. Suite deals can be had although in my experience I haven't found them to work out for me often. We recently found one for the Allure that I couldn't pass up. $3200 for a Grand Suite for the week. We've never booked a suite before so we couldn't be more excited for this opportunity. The only catch is it's in October which is of course hurricane season. :( We have stayed in a suite one other time. We actually won the grand prize in bingo our second day on board and it was the rest of the cruise in a crown loft suite. What a simply amazing experience.
  6. Ha! Good eye. Not a Falcon myself (Miami of Ohio grad) but live in BG so support them indirectly. [emoji5]️
  7. Just got off Oasis today. Deck 14 3rd cabin from aft end ocean view balcony. Was definitely warmer than any previous cruise we'd done. 2 years ago no issue on the Oasis in a different part of the ship, but this trip at maximum AC still warm all the time. Thank god for the fans we brought.
  8. There are pins??? Very close to diamond level and have never received one for any level! On board the oasis now. Would there be someone here to speak with?
  9. We sailed the Jewel in July and the interior public areas were quite comfortable. No issues at all. My wife tends to run warm and she didn't have any issues with air circulation.
  10. No, it's one less option if we don't have any desire to use it.
  11. Just sailed the Jewel in July and yes our cabin still had a tube tv. Those will obviously be replaced. So incredibly sad that the Seaview will be removed. We ate there several times and loved the option. I would really hate to see it replaced with an Izumi (HATE) or a stupid suite. All in all she's still a wonderful ship.
  12. I've been on all but the Vision class (and the new one). I really really enjoy the Oasis class for the amount of activity. We just got off the Jewel and I really enjoyed the ship size and layout. The only "bad" cruise we've ever been on was on the Sovereign class. If I had to pick a ship class, that's what I pick.
  13. From what I understand, yes it does quite frequently. The high dive acts would need to be very safety conscious. It does take a bit of advance planning, but it's very possible to see all the shows. On our oasis and allure sailings we saw absolutely everything. It seemed like we were very busy, but I enjoyed all the entertainment.
  14. Correct. If the rules were changed, I'd be fine with it. I see too many people every cruise breaking rules with the attitude that it's my vacation and they can't tell me what to do. It gets old.
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