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  1. brokenarrowhd

    How Many Times Have You Went On The Same Ship?

    I will be with biker@sea for our 20th time on the Dawn!
  2. brokenarrowhd

    Jewel or Dawn...Which Would You Choose

    Before Dawn was Rebuilt and sent to Boston she was the Queen of New York, the Pride of the fleet. :hearteyes: Now Her return to N.Y. Is not wanted by many. :( J.M.H.O. .
  3. brokenarrowhd

    Packing mens dress shirts

    Check out the link that biker@sea posted for you, and watch the video. I use these packit folders and they work like a charm!
  4. brokenarrowhd

    stepping off dawn this morning

    Sounds like you had a great cruise, good for you.
  5. brokenarrowhd

    Identity of Cruise Director, Concierge, etc.

    Can anyone tell me if Virginia Dionisio is the current Concierge on the Dawn? I had the pleasure of having her on my last cruise on the Sun. She more than went out of her way to make this one of the best cruises I have ever experienced with NCL. I hope to be booking a last minute cruise on the Dawn to Bermuda. I would like to pick her up a little something representing Boston, to show her my gratitude for a job well done! Thank you in advance for any response!
  6. I was implying that you could rack up $250 in charges on a NCL cruise, pay it with your NCL card get 2 points per dollar. Then pay off the NCL card with the cash back check. Gaining yet another 500 points.
  7. I found it to be much easier just to get cash out instead of a cruise credit. We received a $250 check in less than a week. You could rack up $250 in charges on your NCL card, get the 500 points then pay with the money you got from the check! You don't throw away points this way.
  8. brokenarrowhd

    World Points Problem - Just a friendly heads up

    hunterjackson thanks for the heads up!! I was going to order an OBC with my points today.
  9. brokenarrowhd

    Additional tipping

    biker and I always do this on land or sea. I also right a little note on a post it with " have a nice day " or something like that everyday! We also on the last day find our steward shake their hand or give them a hug and give them an additional tip on top of the daily tip we gave them. We also fill out the S.T.Y.L.E. cards. The NCL crews always make us feel like family. That's why we are heading out on our 7th NCL cruise in a little over 2 years. It didn't matter wether we where in an inside cabin, ocean view or balcony. We have always gotten outstanding service. We realize that no tipping is required. This is just how we roll. Maybe it's a blue-collar thing.
  10. brokenarrowhd

    Why do you cruise with NCL?

    For me the cost is at the top of my list. Freestyle is a great concept that appeals to me also, which is great since I don't like being told when I have to do something!!!
  11. brokenarrowhd

    Those little items you always cruise with...

    I bring a Neat Sheet ground cover which is great at the beach as it repels both water and sand, plus it's light weight. Post it notes to write "thank you" notes to the room stewards or my DH. Also a mini hand crank flashlight.
  12. brokenarrowhd

    Playa Mia, Nachi Cocum, or National Beach Club

    [quote name='4evercruzin']DH and I are interested in a beautiful beach with clean restrooms and shade. We do like a resort setting. We are not interested in snorkeling or water sports. If you have been to these places, we would love for you to share your experiences. Thanks in advance, Barb[/QUOTE] I booked Nachi Cocum for a day in Nov. I did this after researching here and other travel review sites. The percentage of people who loved it far outnumbered those who didn't. I hope this helps.
  13. brokenarrowhd

    Please tell me about the Spirit!

    I for one loved the Spirit and her crew. Considering I have taken 4 cruises on the Spirit in the last year they must of been doing something right. My opinion is that the Spirit is a great ship.
  14. brokenarrowhd

    Norwegian Sun

    Love the pics! Thank you.
  15. brokenarrowhd

    Spirit Review 6/4 cruise

    The cruise director Paul Scally was a riot. The best I've seen on the Spirit so far!!!