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  1. We were on the Mariner's 4th revenue sailing (since first returning to service 8/23/21). Boarded 9/3 and off 9/6. Our three night itinerary included a day in Nassau and a day at CocoCay. It was a great trip, in large part because the ship was only at 50% capacity by design. This was a holiday weekend, the sailing before was closer to 30% capacity according to our head waiter. Bummers: - our biggest frustration is that it was STILL hard to get a table in the windjammer, because they blocked off 50% of the tables to reduce capacity of that space. But the hours of the windjammer were also limited due to staff shortage - it closed for the day at 3:30 pm, and was no open for dinner. Main dining room was closed for lunch. - another bummer was that so many of the staff was so new, that they just didn't know how things worked and couldn't address issues or answer questions. For example, two in our group were of teen club age. We went to the open house on embarkation day, and were looking for a scheduled. They directed us to the cruise compass - nothing in there. Later, asked again, they said look in the app - nothing there either. Finally we talked to someone there who told us they are open 8 pm to midnight daily and the room is locked the rest of the time. - a fair amount of relatively useless hygiene theatre - for example, our singer in the Schooner bar (who was great, btw) had a small plexiglass panel about five feet from him as he sang. Doubt it did much for anyone! Awesomeness: - we got to choose between an upgrade and OBC after a major price drop and loved our upgrade! - no lines anywhere except that darn windjammer - staff so happy to have guests again! everyone was so warm and friendly - we were on a cruise again! 🙂
  2. Our son used to wear dressy (dark colored, tailored, bermuda length) shorts with a polo in the MDR, but we haven't cruised in almost 2 years. He's 12 now. Does he need pants for the MDR?
  3. Thanks for the fast reply! It's a huge drop... what happens to OBC if you can't spend it all? Is it forfeited, or do they refund the balance of any unused OBC?
  4. We are booked on the Mariner 9/3 sailing, and prices have dropped about 50% from what we paid in June. This close to sailing, do we have any chance of price matching? We booked directly through RCL if that matters.
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