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  1. We used Dancing Bears and they couldn't have been more wonderful. My husband took his walker both days on our two days in St. Petersburg. Our guide made sure he got accessible access everywhere (the Russian ADA people practically carried him down the escalator to the subway) and the driver always got the van as close as possible. It worked really well. His walker has a seat and when he gets too tired, he just sits a few minutes so that he can continue on the tour.
  2. I've qualified for the "discount" but I've never seen it actually discount the price you can get from other sales.
  3. I agree with flying in the day before...but... I've flown in on the day we boarded without any trouble. If you can get a direct flight you should be safe. Even better is go with Choice air through Celebrity and they will make sure you get on board.
  4. A friend had peanut butter confiscated flying from Florida to New York - said it was considered a "liquid" or "gel".
  5. Any chance you can get the other room configuration? We travel with my husband's scooter and once when we couldn't get a handicapped cabin we called celebrity to see if they could find us a cabin with the bed near the balcony. You can fit the scooter inside in that configuration. It is tight and in the way, but it fits. My husband was able to do a three point turn in the room - (or a 10 point turn since it took more than 3 adjustments). But, he could get in and turn so that he could drive out and not have to back out. With the bed near the door- you might be able to get the scooter in the room but it won't fit past the bed so it will probably block the bathroom door. We also bring an extension cord because it can be a challenge to reach an outlet. (We do book ahead and now will change cruises if we can't get a handicapped cabin but in the past we've given it a try in regular rooms).
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