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  1. OK - sent home from hospital as no icu nurses!! Maybe next week - we'll see 😞
  2. Well, no phone call today, so, as long as it isn't cancelled once I get to the hospital, I will be away from the boards for a week or two. Please be kind to each other and keep politics off the threads so my stand-in doesn't have to delete too much. Thanks.
  3. At present this is only on Iona and, I assume will be the same on Arvia. No other P&O ships have this odd design.
  4. Except all those extra decks are balcony cabins and ship designers plan for people to use those for sunbathing, completely ignoring the fact people want to socialise on holiday or that one side of the ship is in shade.
  5. I wonder if that is why Iona has the high glass screens along the prom. deck - to stop irrate people throwing loungers overboard in a battle for 'ownership'? Lol
  6. I have a similar issue, although a different medical condition. I wanted to visit Petra so had the same concerns. I suggest you ask the tours people what exactly the tour is comprised of. For example you might be taken to the ruins but can then leave the group and explore at your own pace and just use the tour as a transfer. However, if it is a guided you that you have to keep us with, you might wish to avoid it. Good luck.
  7. If you suffer from sea sickness, generally the lower down the better and the closest to the centre of the ship, the better so you may prefer Deck 4 for that reason.
  8. Great idea but sod's law the new date would be during said cruise!
  9. Ok - ignore this. Surgery cancelled as hospital full 😞 No new date yet. Grrrrrrr.
  10. You are all going to have to manage without me for a while as, all being well, I go in for a heart valve replacement tomorrow. Not looking forward to it one iota but needs must so just want it over now. Happy cruising everyone and stay safe.
  11. It will depend on the countries. Hamburg, Oslo and Bruges are still good during daytime (although the snow I had added to the atmosphere). Others such as Gothenburg and possibly the Tivoli in Copenhagen are much nicer at night. Often these cruises have an overnight in port.
  12. I don't see the issue with allowing dancing with your own partner. Saga certainly allow it.
  13. That didn't happen on my recent Saga cruise. The updated muster drill is - watch video presentation in cabin (you have to watch it before you have access to any other TV channel), go to muster station (without life jacket), check in so they know you have been and then walk straight out again via a one-way system. The only issue became the jam on the stairs which could have been avoided by people going out on deck and waiting until it cleared. Everyone has to use the included transport - no coaches, trains etc, - and the drivers are tested before coming to pick you up. On arrival at the terminal the cars are put in a queuing system and all pax are tested. You wait with your luggage still in the vehicle, until your test comes back negative and only then can you enter the terminal and your luggage is taken and sanitised with sprays. If you do test positive, you are given two further PCR tests and if still positive your driver has to take you straight back home. On tours, the coaches are santisied with aspray and drivers and guides tested before anyone can board. It felt very safe.
  14. Sarah retired. Her last voyage was Oriana's farewell cruise.
  15. Sorry - never sailed with Celebrity so cannot comment. Anyone can dine in their cabin and choose from the main dinner menu for free on Saga.
  16. IMO Saga is equal with Oceania. SImilar amenities, activities and food.
  17. But they rarely sail from the UK.
  18. If you compare prices now, then yes. They are very high. The key to Saga is to purchase a pre-registration and book on launch. That will cut that price by about a third. You also cannot compare a Saga standard cabin (larger, balcony, extra amenities, free full room service etc) with a P&O inside cabin. Obviously it is a choice, but I have reached the stage of cruise less, cruise better.
  19. Guess it would. I've carried up chairs to different decks before - on different ships 🙂
  20. Thanks for the link Jean. It only confirms my thoughts on what an awful prom deck. The only place I could happily sit is at the stern but I bet that would quickly get full. I also realised that all the accommodation with balconies is set back and that the prom deck is open to the sky. So even the option of sitting on a balcony looking down at the sea is impossible because you look down at the deck - can't even watch the pilot embark. Dreadful design and definitely not for me.
  21. I am afraid I can't really answer your question as I was there long enough in one evening to really notice but I believe you would be able to dance most of most evenings. I don't think you would be able to dance much during the day due to other activities going on there.
  22. They do have a image problem in that respect. It depends what you want from a cruise. I am compiling a list of comparisions with P&O, although I only sail on Aurora or Arcadia now as I currently have a heart problem and could not manage the sheer amount of walking required on the bigger ships. They are more akin to the P&O of old.
  23. From what I have seen, it is the worst prom deck ever. My great joy in cruising, on a warm sea day, is to find a quiet spot on the prom deck, rest my feet on the rails and watch for wildlife, camera at the ready, poised to leap up and lean on the rail and snap away. This is impossible on Iona it seems - no railings, seaward edge crammed with sunbeds, and those awful glass screens all along, blocking my camera lens.
  24. The new Saga ships have soft-close drawers. You cannot slam them shut!
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