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    Bora Bora Aqua Safari Dive - anyone do it?

    My husband and I both did the Aqua Safari last November, and we both agree it was the highlight of our trip! I was a little anxious before going down, but once I was in the water I was just fine. Before you go down, they tell you the hand signals for 'I'm OK' and 'I want to go up', so communicating your well being is easy. They did have wet suits there to wear and I would recommend wearing one if you get cold easily. I wore one and I was still very cold after 30 minutes down there because your not moving very much-- and of course water shoes are a must. I do recommend the Olympus Stylus waterproof camera if you plan on taking a lot of underwater pictures. It doesn't require a case and takes beautiful pictures above and below the water. I was torn about getting one before we went but I'm so happy I did!!
  2. straycat

    Bruno In Raiatea

    We went with Bruno last month and had a great time and he was very accommodating. At our request, he stopped at a beautiful motu near the lagoonarium for us to snorkel. The fish served at lunch was excellent and the boat ride around Tahaa was breathtaking. It was one of my favorite excursions.
  3. straycat

    Left Luggage at Papeete Airport

    The cost is between 500 to 700 francs per piece of luggage (around $10 per piece). Im not sure if you can leave items overnight though. I believe they are open from 6am to 1am so bags may need to be picked up by the time they leave for the night, but Im not sure becuase we didnt end up storing our luggage afterall.
  4. straycat

    Fa'aa Papeete Airport $ Exchange Booth

    Although we didnt use it, I believe there is both a cash machine and an automatic money converter that looks like an ATM right next to the bank. Its on the wall the the right side of the bank if you are facing it. All of these are under a big sign that says BANQUE DE POLYNESIE so like Wendy the wanderer said, you cant miss it. The money converter may be what you are thinking. We just arrived back form Tahiti last night and Im jealous of you already. Have a wonderful time in this amazingly beautiful place!
  5. Kattom- Thank you so much for taking the time to post a review for the rest of us! It was very informative and helpful. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. We will be going November 10th for our honeymoon and do have a question (this is our first cruise ever)... Can you tell me what most people wore to dinner in the dining area? On the Princess web page it says shorts are not allow on the non-formal days. DH was hoping he could wear shorts or jeans and a nice t-shirt for dinners. Thanks for your help!
  6. straycat

    LA layover suggestions

    Thank you so much Meherio! You are always so helpful!
  7. straycat

    LA layover suggestions

    We have a 12 hr layover in LA (our original flight got cancelled). Does anyone have any suggestions of what we could do while we are waiting around? Can we put our luggage anywhere? I hear traffic is pretty bad, so would want to stay close to the airport if we could leave. Thanks!
  8. straycat

    Packing list

    Meherio- I have seen many of your posts, and just wanted to say thank you for all your advice. Its so kind of you to offer so much information! It is much appreciated!
  9. straycat

    Bruno or TP?

    Thanks everyone for your input! We booked with Bruno, and hopefully it will be as wonderful as it sounds. MaggieS--You may already know this, but Coolibar makes sun protective clothing and hats that you may be interested in when there isn't any shade. I guess they are pretty light weight so hopefully not too hot to wear. :)
  10. straycat

    Onboard credit card

    Thanks so much!!
  11. straycat

    Onboard credit card

    This is my first cruise, so forgive me if this is a stupid question... Does the TP bill your credit card in US dollars or in CPFs for excursions and extra things charged? I guess I'm trying to find the best/cheapest way to purchase things and the best conversion rates. Thank so much!
  12. straycat

    Weather in October and Cruise air

    What a nice surprise!! We too will be going for the first time this November, so unfortunately I can't help you with the weather question either-hopefully it won't be too bad. As far as finding a good price, check out Costco if you are a member. We booked through them, and it was cheaper than anything else we found including expedia and travelocity. It is a pain however to sit on hold in order to speak with someone...sometimes up to 1/2 hr. Hopefully we won't have any problems and will have no need to call there, but I guess you pay for convienience. Air for us (from Minneapolis) including getting to LAX were ~$1300 per person. We did not do Princess air. Hope this helps!
  13. straycat

    Bruno or TP?

    We are debating between doing Brunos snorkel tour on Raiatea or TPs drift snorkel. Are they similar? Do they go to the same spot? I've heard such great things about Brunos, but we would like to possibly see the island too (TPs is only 1/2 day). Anything neat to see on the island too or just stick with Bruno? Thanks!
  14. straycat

    Dolphin Encounter

    Has anyone done the Dolphin Encounter at IC Moorea? If so, could you tell me about it? Are you able to swim with them by grabbing their fins or is it just touching them? I see the they offer different types of encounters if you book directly with IC, so I'm not sure which would be better, or if its a waste of money all around. Thanks!
  15. straycat

    Tahiti early arrivals day of boarding

    Spate- Thanks for the FYI...11:00 is much better than 1:00. We do not have Princess transfers, we did all our own travel arrangements separatly. Tahiti Int Airports website shows where the lockers are and the price, if that interested you. I'll try to attach the address http://www.airtahitinui-usa.com/Airports/LuggagestorageinfoPPT.htm