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  1. I have (or my wife has) been talking about taking our first cruise next summer. She (wife) is all worked up that we want to go at a high season and we can get a good deal with the procrastinator sale if we book now. i am thinking why give my money up so early (there are four of us so it is a big chunky deposit) She (wife) claims rates go up not down but i see lots of last minute specials. I don't want to end up in the dog house nor do I want to waste my money, so experts is it best to book early or late? And is this sale really a good deal? how much better is the best inside cabin from the worst? They are all the same basically right? Advice, want to keep wifey happy but my money in my wallet (yeah I know can't have it both ways LOL):D thanks for your input ps we live in the northeast so air fare is a factor too