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  1. There's only one port in Oahu, Honolulu. But I am guessing you are looking for the pier? In general Carnival docks at pier 2. Most cruise ships dock at pier 2, unless they are a smaller ship and there's another ship in town using Pier 2. I've only ever seen Carnival at Pier 2, though. Either way it doesn't make any difference as there's no car rentals at the pier so you'd be picked up and brought to the car rental company to get the car. We find we get the best rates through discount hawaii car rental on the other islands, though haven't used them for Oahu.
  2. kgymn

    Hawaii in January

    It makes me laugh when people say weather is consistent year round in Hawaii. No it's not. October in general is much warmer than January. In January on occasion the lows at night will get down into the high 50s, but more frequently the low 60s, at least in my area of Oahu. Very occasionally in Jan/Feb the weather may not even reach 70 during the day. I don't know about you, but to me under 70 is not beach weather so if I were expecting hot summer weather I'd be disappointed. January has the tendency to be wetter, as well. Each winter is different, some winters are nearly as dry as the summers. Others like this winter and especially last winter it seems to rain quite frequently. It's a little hit or miss. January is definitely great for whales, so that's a definite bonus. There could be a swell either month, but much more likely in January. Any month is a fine month for a cruise in Hawaii (or a land vacation) it all depends on what you want out of the vacation.
  3. They memorial itself definitely won't be open for a while. The last update a couple weeks ago they hadn't even chosen a contractor to complete the repairs! They are offering a harbor tour, where you still get to see the video and the boat takes you right past the Arizona. You can reserve the tickets online for $1.50 but with the memorial itself closed there's not generally any trouble with getting tickets for the harbor tour. The last time I went (which was November) we walked right in and were handed tickets for the next tour. Admission into the park itself is free with free parking. The tickets when you walk up are free. IF the memorial were to reopen (not sure when you plan to sail) then you would want to reserve your tickets for that tour online. The harbor tour I don't think you'll have any trouble.
  4. I am not sure about any other ships other than Pride of America doing a Na Pali sailby. I definitely would not count on it. However, as someone who has done the sail by on the POA as well as taken an excursion with a snorkel tour that sailed past the Na Pali coast I will say that you definitely would not regret doing the tour even if the ship happened to sail by. The tour we went on the boat sailed right under a small waterfall and being so up close to the coast was a truly different experience that can't be done on a larger vessel.
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