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  1. coco6

    Cash or Travellers Checks

    yes I guess your right. I might get half in travellers checks. I can cash the checks on the ship if i need the cash right?
  2. coco6

    Cash or Travellers Checks

    Well the easiest thing for me to do is just carry the cash :) but what is the practical thing to do? you know what I mean? What is the probability of me getting robbed at a red light? and is that worth the risk? normally I just carry the cash right onto the boat and put it in my safe..its just these two days in san juan that are making me get all freaky.
  3. coco6

    Cash or Travellers Checks

    I'm not so much worried once I get on the ship because I then can use the safe. I worried about the ride from the airport to the hotel in my rent a car..what if I'm at a red light and I get robbed? I'm from new orleans, things like that happen alot :) I don't know how it is in Puerto Rico.
  4. coco6

    Cash or Travellers Checks

    so what about getting travellers checks thru my bank? does it have to be american express
  5. coco6

    Cash or Travellers Checks

    I will be staying 2 days at the interconntial resort and casino in san juan and we are renting a car for a day..so do you all think It will be safe with all cash? if not can I use travellers check at the hotel in san juan? Thanks
  6. I wanted to get anyone's opinnion on which way to go with this. I'm wanting to bring 1500.00 cash on the cruise...should I bring travellers checks or cash?
  7. coco6

    Tours inside the Great Pyramid

    Thank you all for your advice. I think I would still like to try and see inside the pyramid. I will look into getting a private tour to see if they can accomadate my needs. I have to try and see inside of it. I won't base my enjoyment of my entire visit on that because just being able to see these pyramids in person is good enough, but I have to try and get inside of one too :) Thanks
  8. coco6

    How long to get off the ship?

    My husband and I will be on the Destiny on July 20th, we are docking in Antigua on July 25th at 8:00. I have to be at Jolly Harbour for 9:00. How long does it take to get off the boat? The taxi ride to Jolly Harbour is about 20mins and I need to get off the boat ASAP..do you think this is possible? Thanks
  9. Does anyone know of any private tour or other, that will tour inside the great pyramid? I'm interested in Touring inside the Cheops pyramid, not the others. Seems like know on is specific in which pyramid you will actually be getting close to. They all have different names. How long is the line to get into Cheops? Also, our ship will be docked in alexandria from 7:00am to 10:00 pm, will that be enough time for me to go to cario and see Cheops? Thanks
  10. coco6

    Tables for two?

    oh ok good deal. Thanks
  11. coco6

    Tables for two?

    ok this is my second carnival cruise, so how do I get the gold card? was I supose to get it when I got off the ship? when I board? how do I get it and who gives it to me?
  12. coco6

    Tables for two?

    I will request a table for two on our sailing with the destiny. I'm a past guest but how do I get a platiunm or gold card? Thanks
  13. Thank you so much for the information on the hosptials. It makes me feel so much better and not so scared. Thanks
  14. Thank you very much. I have been so worried about my husband having an attack while we are on vacation so its nice to know puerto rico is like the states. Not saying that everything over here is that wonderful but it helps me feel a little more comfortable. Thank You very much for all your information and advice. I can't wait to see Puerto Rico.
  15. oh wait, I forgot one more question. where in puerto rico is the best cardiac hospital? My husband is know to have artery blockages sometimes and they are unpredictable. So I like to be prepared. Is there any emergency number for ambulance just in case we are driving to the rainforest and he starts having chest pain?