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  1. amd92602

    men's attire

    I wore shorts every day in all Baltic ports! No need for pants unless it's really chilly (below 40 degrees F.) !
  2. amd92602

    St. Petersburg Pie Shop

    We had the salmon pie, cabbage pie, apricot pie, strawberry pie and borscht. Everything was tasty! Rubles only!!!!! Have fun
  3. We were just in St. Petersburg and took the Alla 'comfort tour'. We shared a semi private tour with 7 others we met on CC. I would recommend 100% the tour with Alla. You get the early entrance to the Hermitage which was priceless (place was virtually empty). You have the hydrofoil which saves much time. You have the photo stamps and entrance to chuch on spilled blood. The guide was very accomodating. Lunch was great (Vienna restaurant and Stolle Pies)! There were no glitches and you don't pay till second day of tour! We really fely for all those poor souls on the tour buses (with 60 of their closest friends per bus). They spent considerably more and saw much less! Get a shared tour with no more than 10 people and have fun! Also, St. Petersburg is a depressing city outside the palaces. The infrastructure is crumbling, the cars all spew black smoke, the people don't smile and the streets are old and congested. That is part of the experience, the dichotomy between riches and the communist era influences!
  4. WE tooke the train to Rostock HBF, got on the #1 tram into town with no difficulty. Cost was 4 euro. We had a bratwurst and beer in the local square, saw the sights, shopped, walked everywhere, had a great time, took the #1 tram back to train stop and back to Warnemunde. Walked all around Warnemunde, went back to the ship, took a nap, had a relaxed dinner and then watched all the weary bus tour passengers return to the ship around 9:15 PM. I would recommend visiting Rostock unless you just have a strong hankering to go to Berlin with 800 of your closest friends! Enjoy!
  5. We had lunch the first day (for $25) at Vienna restaurant. Everything was great. The second day we went to Stolle pies. We had salmon pie, cabbage pie, apricot pie, strawberry pie and a bowl of borscht. Everything was wonderful! You'll have a great meal, enjoy!
  6. We just got back. Leaving the ship and going through immigration was a breeze. There is no independent tour line. Don't worry. Alla and the van were waiting for us just outside the immigration office. Have a nice time.
  7. amd92602

    HAL Rotterdam cabins on lower promenade

    We were just in 3360 under the pinnacle grill, next to door leading out to the deck. The cabin was very quiet except for when someone would let the exit door slam or WHEN THEY PRESSURE WASHED THE WINDOWS EVERY MORNING AT 05:15! If you are an early riser don't book this cabin!
  8. amd92602

    Baltics - What To Pack?

    Nope, Just shorts! Just kidding, I would expect rain, cold, sun, wind! Bring layers and you'll be ok! I was in shorts for the entire Alaskan cruise and just fine!
  9. amd92602

    Baltics - What To Pack?

    I'm taking shorts!
  10. HeinBloed, My wife and I will be in Warnemunde on Saturday, July 12. Do you recommend that we take the train to Rostock or Schwerin or both destinations? What is your recommendation on train schedule? Thanks
  11. amd92602

    Salmon Bake worth it?

    We did the salmon bake in 2004. The bake itself is a production line of salmon, corn, potato salad, beans, etc. The best part , for us, was walking over to the adjacent stream and waterfall and watching the salmon swimming up stream and trying to get up the waterfall. I would recommend you go and take the time to experience the beautiful forest, stream and waterfall.
  12. amd92602

    Calling Home

    Your Verizon Wireless phone works on the ship only when the ship is out of port! The price is $2.49/ minute. Verizon Wireless has an agreement with Holland America, but don't know about other cruise lines.
  13. HeinBloed, Heinbloed, Fun guy... how should I know what you like to do... 1. Your ships arrives at 6.00 am. I can start planning with taking the first train at 6.30 am... but is it this what you want??? Are you participate to open dining or fixed dinner time (first or second seating)??? How about 07:30 -08:30? Would like to be back for dinner, seating is irrelevant! 2. Are you willing to drive yourself??? How about cycling??? Can you see anymore ships (on river or on lakes) as you are on a ocean cruise??? No driving, no cycling, no ships, would like to limit train transfers and keep it simple. 3. How about your budget? Are you going alone, with family - children (age)??? No budget, no children, just my wife 4. How about your interest??? Are you living on a farm that you want to see men and buildings??? More modern because you are living in historic building or more historic because you are living in a sky-scraper...??? No farm, no skyscrapers, interest in historical area, the molli train, local life. 5. Are you the active sportsman or more the lazy potato-couch??? Do you prefer to entertain or to be entertained??? Any self-activities and initiatives??? No couch potato , no entertainment needed, Active is ok. Thanks, 'Fun Guy'
  14. HeinBloed, You appear to be a wealth of information! I have looked at many of your threads but I have a similar question for you. We'll be in Warnemunde on Saturday, July 12. I still haven't decided how best to spend the day and am not too sure about spending six/seven hours traveling to/from Berlin. Make it easy for me, what do you recommend for a relaxing day and still get back to the ship for dinner? Thanks, Alan
  15. amd92602

    Alla Tours website?

    Did you include the tips when you made the payment or at the conclusion of your tour?