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  1. CarnivalCruiser4life

    Miracle Review 10-22-07

    Thank you so much for this wonderful review! We are on the Miracle next week in 2 of the SAME balcony rooms you had! 5108 & 5110, there was going to be another person coming and would have been in 5106 but he couldn't come in the end. Thank you SO much for all the pictures! I was wondering how opening the door between the balconys worked! From other posts I thought it would block part of one of the windows. We are kind of worried about how long the walk is to get to the pizza and ice cream at the back of the boat. Last year on the Conquest we were right in the middle of the boat and loved it. But we decided to go for the extended balcony instead of the location this year.
  2. CarnivalCruiser4life

    Pedals and Paddles Tour - through Carnival

    Has any one done this excursion through Carnival? It is biking and white water rafting in one excurion from the Limon port. Would you recomend it? How long was the white water rafting? It says there is a 200 pound weight limit, is this strictly enforced?
  3. CarnivalCruiser4life

    Goff's Snorkeling & shops right off tender

    We are going on Goff's cave Snorkeling through Carnival in November. We are going at the early time (7:15 - 10:45) does anyone know if we could stay through till the 2nd tour comes back (starts at 11:15 and ends 2:45)? Or will we be ready to come back at 10:45? Are there any hammocks to lay around in? Also, are there lots of shops with in a short walking distance of where the tender drops you off at? Are these shops just open to the tourists from the cruise boats? If so is it with in walking distance to other shops that are not just for the tourists? We were in Jamaica last year and it's a whole different thing outside the fence at the port, but we had to take a taxi to see it. Thank you!