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  1. I have cruised on Carnival to the point I am platinum. leaving Friday on Equinox. Never had speciality dining ever and prob wont this time.I can honestly say I have never had a bad meal in MDR and I I were to I would tell the waiter to bring something else. I have always felt the worst day on a cruise is still a great day.
  2. I have cruised Carnival multiple times but I have a few questions. I will have a concierge class cabin on Equinox. What time can one get into their cabin? How does one get money to lose in the casino. On Carnival they just add it to S&S account. Is muster inside or out on deck? I reserved a car with Budget in the car rental place close ? What the best way to get from FLL to the port? Is debarkation similar to Carnival's ? Thanks
  3. This has been enlightening. I am sure X will be fine. My g/f and I are planning on having more than shorts and flip flops. Will still have then but will go to MDR looking a little more classy. My g/f looks classy no matter what she has on,
  4. Thanks for all the info. I am 65 so I am not the party all night type. But I am also addicted to Warm melting Cake. Looking forward to cruise. Have booked Carnival for Med cruise Sept 2020
  5. I have cruised Carnival a dozen times or so. Have booked Equinox in Oct. AM worried that The dress code might be a problem I am flip flopsd and T-sdhirt kind of guy. I do have shirts with buttons and they are in good shape as I hardly wear them. Wondering how the shows will be as compared to Carnival. Rweason I chose this was a visit ti Tortolaso I hope all goes well.
  6. I have had deck 6 more than once on dream class. Often aft or aft wrap. I have no complainats
  7. I have also done it for similar reasons. Was stressful but we made it. Hope for non stop flight a.
  8. I would use cortrans..When I used them we had a latter time and they just loaded us in an earlier time and away we went. I think we were in the Cortrans van by 815 and at airport just after 9 and through security by 940
  9. I have rented a car , used cortrans and each time I have been in airport past security before 10 am. the caveat being that I carried my own luggage off
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