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  1. Thanks kassie. I was thinking about going to see mt Wellington and a friend had recommended the Mona exhibition. Hopefully I can do both. I had no idea Hobart had played such a role in the Antarctic and might try to fit that in also. Great advice. Many thanks
  2. Thanks Denise. That's what happens when you make spontaneous decisions without checking details. I ought to know better!!
  3. Thanks again everyone for your great advice. I looked at my confirmation email and found the worst scenario that I have left it too late! Stupidly I had not thought to check there😟
  4. Thanks. I had looked at this but couldn't see how. I went into manage bookings, but couldn't find the details.
  5. Thanks so much for your detailed replies. I need to make a decision now!
  6. I have booked a rather expensive ship's tour and I am now having doubts as to it's suitability. Can I cancel the tour. I don't go on my cruise for another 2 weeks
  7. Is it easy to book in port? I was always afraid that there would be limited availability
  8. Thanks Dunelm and RubyredDeb for your info. The places sound wonderful. Dunelm can you tell me who you toured Queen Charlotte Sound with and RubyredDeb who you toured with in Tauranga? Really looking forward to going.
  9. Thanks Lyndarra. This is just what I am looking for. It sounds as if I can make my decisions on the day, depending on the weather. I want to see as much of the country as possible but don't want to be stuck on a tour bus. I too am on my own now and find it difficult sometimes to make those decisions, but so looking forward to the cruise. Does anyone else have any suggestions please?
  10. Thanks Colbe. Very useful, although not a fan of visiting cinema venues. I will probably be in a lot of trouble from my grandson who is an avid fan
  11. I am due to cruise on Noordaam at the beginning of Feb and wonder if anyone has already done this cruise. I am travelling alone and wondered if anyone had suggestions for trips. I am more of a scenery and local culture kind of person and hate trips that are fabricated for tourists. Quite happy with HOHO buses but need to know what to look for but quite happy to go on an organised trip if it is worth it and allows me to appreciate my surroundings. I appreciate it is all subjective but really could do with some help. Going to Hobart, Port Chalmer, Akaroa, Picton, Wellington,
  12. Thanks for this detailed port synopsis. Really good and just what I needed. Are the shuttle buses free or do you have to pay for them? For purely basic needs do you require nz dollars and if so how much do you think you need? I usually use cr cards for everything
  13. Thanks everyone for your replies. I did find the information about the buses but hoped somebody had used them so they could advise on how good/easy it was to use. I am in my 70s and travelling alone so do not want to be left stranded anywhere!
  14. Visiting Hobart on Holland & America in February 2020 and wondered whether anybody had used the above buses to go to Mt Wellington. It seems a much cheaper way to sight see, and does not take as much time as other tours. Any other recommendations for cheaper sight seeing than advertised trips please
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