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  1. People quote from there on other Social Media sites like it's official info. Folks on CC mostly know. I'll bet he's now wishing he hadn't run with that story and am surprised.......with all the incorrect info.....he did.
  2. I'm not surprised. The Blog wants to be the first with information.....right or wrong. Many don't know it's a fan Blog and not connected with RCI and think it's official.
  3. In the removed guidelines for Pinnacle it said "You can still use the SL on Oasis/Quantum class ships but you'll need a reservation at Coastal Kitchen to be granted access." Quanatum class has a CL on deck 12 aft and Coastal Kitchen is on deck 14 by the Windjammer so that part makes no sense. Time will tell what they "really meant to say".
  4. No SL unless you have a reservation for Coastal Kitchen. How do you propose D+ get a reservation?
  5. Not surprising....Just another example of something not being properly proof read and thought through before it's release.
  6. Was this notice written by the same person who did the $18 drinks package?? Same benefits for Diamond + and Pinnacle with Costal Kitchen access to Diamond, D+ and P and obviously suite guests. Really don’t think they have thought this through properly and will end up disappointing a lot of people.
  7. Thanks.....so is it a Yes to Concierce Club access or a No?? As part of our new safety protocols, we need to temporarily suspend a few of your Crown & Anchor® member benefits, such as, the private departure lounge, exclusive top tier event, chef’s choice gift/amenity, entertainment and behind-the-scenes tours, personalized gift/amenity, and Concierge Club access. These suspensions are temporary and the result of adhering to social distance and other health protocols. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes. We’ll continue to keep you updated and look forward to rei
  8. Can you share a link to where this is on the RCI website. I want to share it but won't share the "Blog". Agree.....proofreading and thinking something through before published it has never been RCI's strong suit.
  9. Key words in that story are "restrictions on trave MAY BE eased".
  10. We enjoyed wine tasting at La Cetto in Ensenada. The massage....with critterchick....was fun too. Plenty of cool bars/restaurants. To me it's a start and we'll enjoy being able to cruise RCI with a less than 2 hour drive to the port. L.A. Cetto Winery - Ensenads
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