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  1. Didn't you also have a 2nd "ascension" (your term) on Majesty?
  2. This is from the Blog....a fan based publication....and nothing official. The thread title is misleading.
  3. I found it surprising....and sad....they didn't know. Especially Ken Rush....who as a Cruise Director....had to have seen them onboard a ship. A Trip Down Memory Lane
  4. True...and sad at the same time. You,and all the TAs, work so hard and it shouldn't have to be difficult.
  5. That's what I thought and my TA as well; but they've told him no more than once.
  6. We booked Radiance 10/1/21 Panama Canal as soon as it was released. We did not get a balcony discount and were told it's because there's another promotion. Our TA asked to have it fared w/o the promotion and was denied. The Invoice shows Extra Savings of $75pp.....which is considerable less than the Balcony Discount would be on a 14 nt cruise. I know 2 others who were able to get it refared w/the Balc. Discount and wondered anyone else has booked this itinerary and what their experience was with pricing. Our TA is one to go to bat for you so I know he's tried.
  7. Speaking of Cyrstal Blocks - Did any of you see the "The Lowdown...A Trip Down Memory Lane" video put out by C&A recently with Ken Rush and Michael Bayley? When they showed and talked about Crystal Blocks neither knew that they were given as C&A milestones and thought they were for Pinnacles. It was on the book with a face social media page for C&A A Trip Down Memory Lane
  8. It's in small print under the word Continue on the page where you select the # of guests
  9. Today our Radiance TP for Sept '21 was cancelled. It had been transferred once and then did a L&S when this year's 2020 Radiance TP was cancelled. The offer from RCI is a full refund of $$ paid or you can transfer it at PREVAILING rates to another TP with $50/balcony or $100/suite OBC. No price protection and prevailing rates are quite a bit more than what we paid with limited cabin availability. No very happy with RCI right now.
  10. Not happy with the offer we got for the Sept TP. No price protection and we can book another TP at PREVAILING rates and get a $50/Balcony or $100/Suite OBC. $$ already down in deposit or Cruise Planner purchases will be refunded.
  11. Don't blame you at all for being angry. We were on Radiance HNL - Brisbane 9/21/21. Option offered to us is to transfer to either Ovation or Serenade at PREVAILING RATES and get a whopping $50/Balcony OBC or $100/Suite OBC or we can get any $$ on the ressie refunded. Not a happy camper either.
  12. Wouldn't that be great. Just waiting for bookings to open. Also have to figure out what the offer will be for the now cancelled cruises in Sept from Vancouver/Honolulu/Brisbane.
  13. A Pacific Coastal and a Panama Canal cruise would be perfect.
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