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  1. And you're saying because of this RCI is OK to sail to the Bahamas. And what Bahamas only cruises are scheduled to sail there...and when?
  2. From the article below "“We are studying the CDC’s latest update. We will continue to work with CDC and other authorities toward our shared goal of getting our crew safely home,” said Royal Caribbean Cruises spokesperson Jonathon Fishman. He said the company has repatriated 24,567 crew members, while 19,098 await repatriation." Miami Herald article about CDC regs for repatriating crew home
  3. While Bahamas and other Caribbean islands may be opening to tourism, it doesn't equate to them wanting or allowing cruise ships to port there.
  4. I doubt that will ever happen. Especially Zenith-Pinnacle. I think Celebrity has seen what has happened to the Suite program on RCI and doesn't want something similar to happen with their program.
  5. While this is nice it is not offered on night 1 and the night of the Officer's party so 5 nts out of 7 on a 7 night cruise.
  6. I know many of us have asked for an RCI ship on the West Coast but think she's a bit far inland to make it work. LOL...
  7. For Chase Sapphire Reserve it's a longer time frame for fraudulent charges and shorter time for dispute. Which Visa card do you have? You're lucky your time frame is so long.
  8. I've never heard of limits like 540 days and 18 months. Is this to dispute or for fraudulent charges?
  9. Credit card payment disputes have to be done in a certain time frame. Many of the deposits and payments were made outside of the time frame. For my CCs it's 60 days.
  10. That might be why I couldn't do it. I am booked through a TA. Darn....would have been nice.
  11. I just tried that but still had to wait on hold for a representative. Would be great if it was automated.
  12. What about Radiance Sept 4 Vancouver - Tokyo. No mention of it in the Announcement.
  13. Thanks....must be doing something with it as it was there a couple of hours ago.
  14. How about Canada as embarkation port such as Radiance 9/4? It's still showing as bookable.
  15. Hearing noise of scraping chairs at 5am and rolling carts has been our experience. Not too many up and out at that time of the a.m. but the workers on deck 10.
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