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  1. Awesome! I don't suppose I can get it in the bars?
  2. Sailing on Sunday, 9/1 on the Escape out of NYC - 1) Does anyone know what deck Embarkation is on? I thought it was 7 but now am not sure. 2) Does the liquor store on board sell Sheridan liquor? I purchased some on my last cruise but don't know if they still sell it. TIA!
  3. My husband and I did a 14 day TA in April of 2016. I gotta say, towards the end it was getting a little rough. I was happy to reach Denmark and stay in a house with a yard! I wouldn't trade the experience for anything though! Not sure I could do anything longer than 14 days! Have fun!
  4. graphicguy - are you on my 9/1 sailing to Bermuda??
  5. nhquilter1

    Tours in Bermuda

    I've been to Bermuda 3 times and have found it to be a very safe place. If you search Trip Advisor you can find all sorts of tours with reviews on each. I just booked a snorkel tour there.
  6. Yeah, I guess that would have been helpful! LOL Escape - NYC
  7. Title says it all...what deck do we board the ship on? TIA!
  8. Yesterday I did a mock booking and it showed my 9/1 cruise as everything except Haven sold out. This afternoon I checked again and it's now showing Inside, Mini-Suite and Haven available... Does this mean they're upgrading folks? I haven't heard anything yet, but still have another 12 days to go.
  9. I got to travel through the cut on the NCL Majesty back in 2007. Does the ferry go through the cut as well??
  10. So if Oceanview, Spa and Mini-Suites are sold out, does that mean my chance for having my bid accepted (inside to spa, balcony & oceanview) is non-existent?
  11. I'm with you! Every time I've had one they've been cold and/or hard/stale. Not a fan.
  12. Le Bistro - mushroom soup, escargot O'Sheehan's - love their wings When we took our first cruise ('07) folks here recommended the cold soups. I had one each day of the cruise and there was only one that I didn't enjoy -- our last cruise didn't have any cold soups and I miss them! Definitely the crepes! Eggs Benny, I seem to remember enjoying the hash at O'Sheehan's for breakfast... And make sure you hit the MDR for lunch on embarkation day -- so much nicer than fighting the crowds at the buffet! (That was one of the best tips I ever got on CC!) Have fun!
  13. I did a mock booking and found previously "sold out" inside cabins now available... Does that mean they've started the upgrade process? Or am I just wishful thinking?
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