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  1. Bermuda has always had some of the highest port fees. First time I cruised there (2007) we were told theirs were the highest.
  2. Maybe this has been asked before, but I can't find the answer...how do you know what's still available and what's not? Especially since you know exact numbers here. Hoping to get the opportunity to upgrade for our 9/1 sailing. TIA
  3. That most definitely is the reason.
  4. Thanks! It would have to be pretty far reaching for me to spy on Atlantis...we're sailing to Bermuda! 😄
  5. This is the second time I've noticed one of those sight-seeing gizmos on the Waterfront. Does it charge quarters or are they free?? Thanks! Less than 150 days to go! Lisa
  6. I'm booked on the Escape 9/1 and it says Choir of Man is performing (I know it can change in a heartbeat!). Really hoping I get to see it in September!
  7. You can always take a taxi. Check the bus routes - I think the pink bus goes there, but I'm not positive. I know when we went we definitely did not walk and we didn't take a taxi so it must have been the pink bus. (11 years ago, that's why I say check the bus routes!). Have fun - we loved Fort St Catherine!
  8. My go-to summertime drink is a gin and tonic but moving up fast in the line-up is a tequila gimlet! I am happy to drink them all day long! Can't wait for my Sept cruise (first time with the UBP!). Cheers!
  9. Bummer...not available for my Sept cruise 😞
  10. Thanks so much for your review! I can't wait to set sail on the Escape in September!!
  11. Definitely the "freestyle" aspect of NCL. No worries.
  12. Interesting...at least I know I'm not losing it!
  13. I've been checking in on my cruise on NCL and for the past month the price had jumped ($400 for an inside room) and it was showing the sail-away rooms as sold out and there were still inside rooms available. Today when I looked, the price has fallen about $200 and it shows all the inside rooms sold out and only sail-away rooms available... Have folks been upgrading and that's why? Can't quite wrap my brain around it! LOL TIA
  14. Find a nice mesh tote bag, that will keep the sand (well most of it) at the beach.
  15. Does anyone have any tips for finding ground transportation to the pier from NJ? I've checked Super Shuttle but they won't pick us up at home, so far it seems like Uber is the way to go but was curious if anyone had any other suggestions. There are four of us traveling from Bedminster NJ. TIA
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