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  1. We will be on the Seaside the last moth of June with our daughter and some friends. I agree that taking care of the waivers is one of the first things you should do. Our preference is to have lunch, either at YC dining room or at the pool grill, and then hopefully unpack. To me the vacation does not start until you are unpacked. We will then hit the pool if time is permitting.
  2. I enjoy HAL and have sailed in the past and will do so in the future. I would consider it a mass market cruise. It's style and approach is different to a degree than other cruise lines. Some of the loyalty is based on those differences. It is the same for people who prefer Carnival, RCCL, etc. Having done a Crystal cruise last year and doing one this year, there is a clear difference. The personnel attention to service, the quality of the food and how the ship operates is different than you would find on most mass market lines. However, many people do not see the value in the extra cost and are happy to cruise on less expensive cruises lines. It is all subjective. If you are comfortable with HAL, there is nothing wrong with sticking with them.
  3. We received the 30% off voucher and used it for a YC booking in June. It was actually 35% because you can combine it with your 5% Voyager discount. Nice deal.
  4. So are all Symphony sailings in November going out of Miami? We are on the 24th sailing and have received no notification. Also, the website has not been updated if this is the case.
  5. We always to a taxi back. There is a taxi stand when you get off the ship. I think it a set fee of $28 to get to the airport.
  6. Maybe I'm oblivious but I do not pay attention to what other people wear during BTO evenings. I will follow the guidelines but they are only the guidelines. I'm not the enforcement police and I do take issue when people act in such a manner. I had a good friend who had a six month struggle with cancer a couple of years ago. We finally got him out on the golf course for a round. He was very self conscious because he had lost all his hair and so he kept his hat on in the club house when we went to get a drink at a bar. Some crank sat down at the bar and immediately told him to take his hat off. My friend did not want to take his hat off so asked to leave. As we were leaving, one of my friends had choice words with the gentleman.
  7. That may have been the case. It was not heavily promoted on the ship and it seemed that the majority of the events were at the tail end of the cruise. We did not book the cruise because of the festival but it would have been a nice bonus if there had been some interesting events.
  8. We were supposedly on a Wine & Food Festival earlier this month on the Symphony. It was somewhat of a joke. They brought on a sommelier on board and they did a couple of wine tastings and did a lecture. The cooking demonstration was done by the executive chef on the Symphony. There was no celebrity chef. It was really not much at all.
  9. We just got back from the 10 day cruise on the Symphony (SF-SF). It was a wonderful cruise and we will back. The service and the food was by far the best we have received on a cruise. My daughter loved the kids' club so much that she cried in the taxi cab as we headed to the airport. Fortunately, the JADs filmed their adventures so she will have a video reflecting all the fun times she had. We enjoyed all the dining venues and did not have one bad dish. We were fortunate to have the same waitstaff in Waterside and we were wowed but their service and personalities. I think some of them really enjoy serving kids. I know that Kiko who worked in the pool area enjoyed playing with my daughter. We met very wonderful people at the various bars and public spaces. I had a slight worry that some of our passengers might be pretentious or look down upon us because we had brought along our daughter. It was not the case. The one difficulty we had is that the space was really tight in our cabin. It is difficult to have 3 people in a cabin but we managed and it become easier as the cruise went along. We are exploring our Crystal options in 2019.
  10. There is a dearth of information about the food and wine cruises. We will be on the Symphony on July 31 and it will be a food and wine cruise. There has been no information provided. Maybe that is par for the course.
  11. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. How is your daughter liking the kids club and what sort of activities are they offering? I would be also interested in how your massages went.
  12. Perfect timing. My wife, my daughter (age 11) and myself will be on the following cruise. It will be very interesting to hear you and your daughter's perspective on the cruise. We are in the same age range (40s), also celebrating an anniversary, but this will be our first cruise with Crystal. Any information regarding Junior Activities would be especially appreciated. Have a great trip!
  13. The website is not dangerous. I work in the cyber security industry and I would never have been able to access the website from my work computer is there was any sort of malware, bug, etc. associated with the website.
  14. We are on this cruise as well. When booking, the travel agent noted that we will be celebrating our 22nd anniversary. We have signed up to the Vintage Room for the night of our anniversary. I'm not sure if Crystal will do anything to recognize our anniversary. Thoughts?
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