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  1. I filed a dispute with Chase on August 21. Crystal issued a refund on September 9. This was for 3 cruises (June, October and December). I have one payment remaining. It is for the initial deposit for the June cruise we made on a Merrill Lynch card that was closed. Since all the cruises were cancelled, we are entitled to a full refund. Best of luck to everyone else. This is not fun and the silence is deafening from Crystal. The are creating irreparable harm to their brand. Very unfortunate.
  2. I just received notice that our Christmas cruise on the Serenity has been cancelled.
  3. I had a friend who recently stayed at the Wynn. He had to travel out to Las Vegas to help wind up a family member's estate. He was very reluctant to take the trip but he decided to go. He went in part because the Wynn was very upfront what measures it was taking to mitigate Covid-19. I think he indicated that the Wynn posted a 150+ pages of guidelines that detailed said measures. During his visit he indicated that the measures were being followed and the Wynn was not paying just lip service. On his last day, he walked to some other resorts and it was evident that many of the basic protocols were not being followed. His take away was that being proactive and provide the guidelines is important but also is the follow through. His visit to the Wynn created a level of trust. If he went back to Las Vegas, this is where he would stay. While it is important for the cruise lines to publish their protocols and measures, the actual implementation is just as important. Those that deliver will create a level of trust.
  4. While there is truth to the statement that there are lies, damned lies and statistics, I think that sometimes our expectations from the scientific community during the pandemic are very unrealistic. The scientific community has been put in a tough position and have been asked to provide guidance with sometimes limited data in a very short period of time. Mistakes or errors will be made on occassion, especially in the early stages of the pandemic. I for one will still follow the guidance of the scientific community when I travel or do other things. While I do not have blind faith in the scientific community, I do place more trust in them than I do with the politicians.
  5. We decided to take the plunge for the mid October cruise. We will make the call on whether not to go right before final payment. In the next two months we should have more data points to make an informed decision.
  6. We also just received our refund for the April 5 cruise.
  7. According to the AF website, our flights are still scheduled. We have a holiday Crystal cruise scheduled so we were going to roll the money into that cruise.
  8. It appears that cancelled every cruise on the Serenity accept the one leaving on June 26. Of course, this is the one I'm on.
  9. All the time. It allows me to eat a little more. 😀
  10. We were on the Barcelona to Rome cruise. Crystal booked our flights through Air France.
  11. We are in the same boat as you. We have a cruise in late June scheduled on the Serenity. We are sure it will be cancelled. We are waiting for it to be cancelled because we booked air through Crystal and we would prefer a refund over an airline credit.
  12. 1. Sitting down to lunch the first day and knowing that I will have a wonderful and relaxing experience. 2. The crew and the wonderful life stories they have.
  13. I agree that other cruise lines will follow suit. Things are changing hour by hour. How can an industry that requires extensive planning and coordination keep pace with the changing events? While I understand the financial hit the industry will take, it makes sense to stop cruising activities and to catch one's breath. It allows the a cruise line to be proactive rather than reactive.
  14. Delta and other air lines are waiving the cancellation penalties for March and April flights. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/airline-news/2020/03/09/coronavirus-travel-airline-change-fees-delta-adds-waivers-flexibility/5002855002/
  15. We do have a call into the TA and are still waiting for a response. We are suppose to make final payment this week. She was just informed by her agency, she works for the federal government, that they are prohibiting all non-essential travel to Italy. Because of what she does for the agency, the government has a right to prohibit her travelling outside the U.S.
  16. We just discovered that my wife may be prohibited to travel for our cruise on the Serenity at the end of June. We purchased flights through Crystal Personal Air. If we cancel the cruise, will we be provided a refund from Crystal for the air portion? Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.
  17. When you have borders or regions being closed, transportation systems being disrupted and supply chains being effected, it is going to impact the global economy. What you are seeing is institutional investors recognizing many businesses are not going to hit their numbers in the months to come. This is in large part why the stock marked has dropped. It is not a media induced financial panic.
  18. I look forward to following along. We will be on the Serenity for the first time in June. So did the Serenity off load passengers yesterday and will not on-board passengers until today? It seems unusual if that is the case. However, since this is a world cruise, there are different challenges than a usual 10 day cruise.
  19. We don't live to far down the road from you and we had a hard time finding a flight back into the DC area. Unfortunately, we did not have the flexibility to stay the night. We did find this flight through Delta for an upcoming cruise. Not sure if it would work for you. Delta 4494 operated by SUBSIDIARY/FRANCHISE Vancouver (YVR) 1:15pm Terminal: M Salt Lake City (SLC) 4:34pm Terminal: 2 56m stop Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta 2249 Salt Lake City (SLC) 5:30pm Terminal: 2 Washington (IAD) 11:25pm 3h 55m duration
  20. On our recent cruise, we found the wine selections to be very good. In particular, the ones in Prego we thought were fabulous. We did order 1 or 2 bottles while on the cruise because we had a generous OBC. We thought the wines were reasonably priced and they had a nice selection, including barolos and super tuscans.
  21. We were on the Symphony at Thanksgiving. It my understanding that members from the team decorating the Symphony moved to the Serenity while at Grand Turk to begin decorating.
  22. Last week we got off the Crystal Symphony with our daughter. Yes, Crystal actually has a childrens program and it is very nicely run. We were talking to the director who runs the program and she stated that it is one of the most important investments they make. While the number of children on board are a small percentage of the guests, the program allows for younger families or multi-generational families to sail on Crystal. This introduces a new customer base to Crystal, many of whom become part of the next generation customer base. Basically, she indicated that the small investment they make in their kids club creates tremendous returns and helps expand their customer base. In talking, I mentioned we were doing a West Coast cruise on the Eurodam in April. I told her that when it came to bigger cruise lines, our daughter liked HAL's kid club the best. She indicated that she had worked on HAL ships and thought they had one of the better ones in the industry. When she worked on HAL, they didn't under staff, treated the staff well and the ratio of children to counselors were reasonable and allowed for more individual attention. She indicated that when she was on board, the HAL kids club always did very well on the survey. It was a strong contributing factor for some customers when they booked another HAL cruise. Based on the feedback and outrage from this topic, HAL is damaging a once positive and critical attribute with parts of its core customer base. If High Score had been rolled out in addition to the HALs kids club, it would have been a win for everyone.
  23. This is shocking. While my 12 year would likely enjoy this environment and the freedom, it would be overwhelming to younger kids.
  24. We just received the survey and we made note of the issues at the Spa. I had one last observation. We took the tender over to the Serenity. The difference in layouts and design were very interesting. The one thing that our group observed was that the Marketplace on the Serenity seemed smaller and there was not as much seating. The outside Marketplace seating area was smaller as well. Our collective response was that it seemed narrow and on the sides there was a limited number of tables. It may have been an optical illusion in part because the Marketplace on the Symphony is more open.
  25. I was on this cruise as well. We went up to spa on the first day and it was clearly disorganized. I wanted to move an appointment up earlier in the week and they had only one lap top that was functioning properly. It took fifteen minutes to get this simple act accomplished. It was a wonderful cruise and the food was top notch. Looking forward to the Serenity in June.
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