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  1. Thank you for such a detailed report. It will help me plan our December trip.
  2. Thanks for letting me know you booked. I nearly booked a few days ago but decided to wait. I'm thinking of flying on the 3rd from Minneapolis to SFO to PPT on united and upgrade my seats for more leg room. We would also get to Tahiti at 8:40 pm so we would stay somewhere not too expensive then take the ferry to Moorea on the 4th. Air was about $1350-1400 last week. I can't wait for our trip!
  3. Thanks everyone! I'm just excited to have my air booked soon.
  4. Thank you! Seems like 10-12 weeks out is what some people do. I saw that I could book one way on delta(Air France) with frequent flyers and I would have to book one way home paid on air Tahiti nui since we need to come back right away
  5. Unfortunately my dates are not flexible. Air France doesn't work for us.
  6. How far out should I book to get the best prices on air to Tahiti for December? I'm opting out of PG air and air is about $1300 now. Thanks!
  7. I am thinking of leaving LAX on December 3. I already booked 3 nights at Hilton moorea( used some points). That is as far as I got. Let me know if you see decent air out there and I will do likewise
  8. We will be on your cruise! What a great way to celebrate your anniversary! I can't wait to have air and everything else confirmed.
  9. Following! We are booked December 7, 2019 Can’t wait. I already booked our pre cruise stay at the Hilton Moorea
  10. Enjoy! Can't wait to hear about it!
  11. Thanks for the info! I see sales every now and then but I’m a planner and like to book early. It’s so exciting for you guys and to know that it will be me next year!
  12. Beach Tunes, Did you get your air through PG? If not, how far ahead did you book? Thanks!
  13. Wow they are nice! Makes me excited for our cruise. I would love to hear how you enjoyed the cruise when you come back. We are going the same time but in 2019 and I’m a little worried about the rainy season. Bon Voyage!!
  14. Your review is amazing and with so much information for us first timers. How do you handle car insurance when you rent a car in Moorea. We are thinking of doing that for our precruise stay. Thank you!
  15. Thanks! That really helps me
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