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  1. The Constellation was supposed to go into dry dock for an upgrade this spring. Does anyone know if this will be cancelled or will Celebrity move her dry dock up while the 30 day moratorium on cruising is in effect?
  2. Last November, I purchased a book later or Next Cruise certificate for $100.00pp. Today, I booked 2 cabins today for next year's repositioning cruise out of Boston. We got a rate for the first cabin and when the booking was completed for the 2nd (which had certificte) the total was higher. When questioned, the agent told me that when the booking was made last November, the taxes and fees were higher than they are now. Taxes and fees for the first cabin is $175.95pp but the taxes and fees for the cabin with the certificate are $342.65pp. Has anyone heard of this or had experience with Next Cruise certificates?
  3. Would your share the name of the hotel that you stay at? Thank you.๐Ÿ˜Š
  4. What about the water ferry? Does it leave from La Spezia or just Portovenere? We took the ferry from Portovenere some years ago and had a lovely water view of all the villages. We stopped at a beach for a while and, when ready, hopped on the ferry back to town. Does anyone know if it runs in October? What would the conditions be like then?
  5. Bruin Steve ~ Have you traveled south to Anzio? It looks to be about 2 hours away. We had considered going there before our cruise in October to see the WWII American cemetery.
  6. We have stayed in a 'hump' cabin several times and have never had an issue with noise from the centrum. On our last sailing, there were doors that closed off the hallway leading to cabins that also may have cut down the noise level. Enjoy your cabin. It is in a great location!
  7. I'd vote for a trip to Lucca. Great walled city that is totally walkable.
  8. If you search 'app for predicting Venice Acqua Alta', it comes right up.
  9. Thank you all for your replies. I have driven, in the past, and it might be an option for our next trip but I wanted to investigate some additional options.
  10. Thank you. I looked briefly at their website and it looked like their focus was on Rome. I will have to contact them though. I probably missed something๐Ÿ˜Š
  11. We will be in Italy at the beginning of October and I'm interested in trying to find a private driver to take us to several different locations. We will be arriving in Rome and want to travel to Popoli in Abruzzo. We will also need transportation back to Rome and to Anzio. Does anyone know of a company that would be able to assist us? We're not interested in tours, mainly just transportation from one area to another. Thank you.
  12. If you are looking to do something different, not going to a beach and baking in the sun, check out 'Nicole's Table'. Situated at the top of a hill overlooking the harbor with a view of the ocean is Nicole's Table. You will spend 4 great hours creating delicious local dishes. There are 4 different options for the day and, if you choose to cook seafood, you might make blackened mahi tacos, spicy shrimp and bake a yummy dessert, like a coconut tart. Nicole and her husband, Adam have created an awesome setting where a group of strangers meet, cook, eat and leave as friends.
  13. We were told that its best to sail south from Seward. That way you would transit the inside passage during the day. Heading north from Vancouver or Seattle, its possible that you would go through the inside passage at night. At least, that's what we were told.
  14. I think it all depends on how adventurous or independent you are - whether you strike out on your own or stay with the cruise line's excursions. It does pay to do some research first so that you are aware of security conditions and what the island has to offer. From my experience, we usually end up doing a few private tours and maybe one with the cruise line. We also just grab a taxi and head to the beach (that's after we have researched which ones are best for our needs).
  15. We sailed on the Empress back in March on a cruise to Cuba. There were families with little ones, groups from all different nationalities, but much of the passenger makeup seemed to be on the more mature ๐Ÿ˜Š side. We have never been on the huge mega ships but are very familiar with the Radiance Class of ships. With that in mind, the Empress had some really good things going for her. As previously stated, Boleros was a great area with entertainment. The Schooner Bar was a great stop before or after dinner. There was never any problem getting a chair on the pool deck and I particularly liked that there were small tables around the outside of the pool area where you could sit, have a bite or just relax. The dining staff were great and the food came out hot (that's a pet peeve of mine). On the other side, the hot tubs were not always working. The Windjammer (on other ships is on the aft end) was up front and not well laid out. It always seemed congested. The weirdest thing was that the gym was above the Viking Lounge and was partially open to the lounge area. You could actually see people upstairs on the treadmills. The rooms were small but we expected that but I really missed the balcony (only suites have them). There did seem to be a problem with plumbing in a cabin just down from ours but we never had an odor or a problem in our cabin. Good luck with your cruise planning!
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