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  1. I know this is really looking into the future but, does anyone have any idea why June 2022 Alaska cruises with Canadian land tours are not displaying on Royal's web site? Every time I try to pull up a sailing, I get this response 'Ooops! Something has gone wrong. Please go back and choose another sailing.' Any of the June 2022 cruise/tours are not displaying. Please tell me that they are not canceling cruises that far out!😱( know that cruises through February 2022 are a 'no go' but I haven't heard about any updates)
  2. You haven't been baking enough! I have barely enough to make one more batch of cookies 😟 And, after the snowfall today, there might not be any left! 🤣
  3. repeats or not, I love them all. Especially the ones that have been repeats at least 3 times because I don't remember them!
  4. John&LaLa and Sandebeach ~ Thank you so much for your funnies! I turn to this page when I need a lift. Lately, I've been here a lot. Keep them coming! 🙂
  5. That may be true but the repositioning cruises from Boston at the end of October, have always been a great seller. Granted, it was filled with us older folks who don't have to worry about work 😊. Of course, if they are held to sailing with a 1/2 full ship, that may also tilt the scales.
  6. One of these days, when things return to normal, we won't be sitting here reading these. We'll be out cruising! "I've lost my mind and I've gone to find it. If it returns before I do, have it wait for me."
  7. Seems like a waste of revenue when they know that they could fill a ship departing from Boston and sailing south if they added several island stops.
  8. Does anyone know what the Jewel is doing the last week of October 2021? She goes to Canada on the 24th from Boston and the next date she appears to be scheduled in December 4th out of Miami. I don't see a repositioning cruise for her. What's up?
  9. Over the years, we have received many treats from Celebrity and Royal. Last year, we celebrated our anniversary and my husband's birthday on a cruise to Cuba. One night, we had the birthday cake in the MDR. The next night, we had the anniversary cake in one of the specialty restaurants and the following night, another anniversary cake in the MDR! It was overkill but we certainly got a kick out of it. But, the best was back in 2000 on our friends' first cruise, we had a terrific steward in a balcony cabin below the deck where the concierge cabins were. Evidently, he was on good ter
  10. .....Enjoy the sound of the waves, watch the wake of the ship at sunset, find a quiet spot and my husband says, "Enjoy the moment."
  11. On one cruise, we were leaving St. Lucia. It was the Captain's last cruise. He positioned the ship in Soufriere so we could get a good view of the Pitons and slowly, did a complete 360. It was awesome!
  12. Well, it's looking like the US will not be invited to visit for some time so, traveling domestically, top on my list would be Alaska, St. Croix and Hawaii. I go back to any of those places at the drop of a hat. Wishfully thinking, if we could travel internationally, Italy would always be tops on my list with Croatia, Scotland and Iceland coming in close behind. For now, I guess I'll keep on dreaming and planning! Stay safe everyone!
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