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  1. My brother and SIL are booked on a 27 day cruise on Ruby Princess in April. They called their TA on the off chance that they could get the BSE promotion added, since it was after final payment. To their surprise, not only were the BSE benefits added, but they received a $1,475.00 cdn price drop credit to their credit card. This was totally unexpected!
  2. Well, I assumed that the cruise was re-fared. The price went up by $364.00pp.I don’t know what the price would be to include the BSE perks. For our Sky Princess TA Sept/20, the drink package had previously been applied. When the Gratuities and wifi were added, the fare was decreased by &1,446.00 pp. for our S3 suite. It must have been re-fared due to a price drop from original booking in June/19.
  3. We also have a TA booked on Discovery Princess, November 2021. It had no perks. We were able to add this promotion, but the cruise price has increased by several hundred dollars. However, it is still a bargain when the value of all the perks is calculated.
  4. I have a cruise booked on Sky Princess. Originally, there were no perks. When sip n sale came along, my TA was able to add it, along with a small price reduction. With this new promotion, she had the gratuities and wifi added, along with a huge price reduction. On the other hand, our future cruise on Discovery Princess resulted in a price increase of a few hundred dollars when the BSE promotion was added, but it was well worth it.
  5. We booked a Sept. 2020 TA on Sky Princess (S3 suite) in March/19. No perks were included at the time. In June, we took advantage of a sip n sale promotion, and the price had come down by $484. cdn. Last week, we found out about the BSE promotion and were able to add the gratuities and wifi, including an additional price reduction of $2,892 cdn for the two of us! it pays to keep checking!
  6. We have had several cruises on Oceania, and enjoyed all of them until the TA on Riviera last year. We found a noticeable decline in the food quality (except for Red Ginger). The sommelier service was so bad, that we brought drinks from the bar into the dining room. We took our first Crystal cruise in October. The food was very good and the service amazing. Crystal might cost a little more, but it’s nice that everything but tours is included. They truly make you feel special. We are excited to be taking our first Viking Ocean cruise in July and hope it will be more aligned to Crystal. It’s doubtful that we will return to Oceania.
  7. Thank you Adrian and Elaine for introducing us to Crystal. We were curious, but not initially committed to taking the plunge. You were the perfect hosts, helping us navigate the ship, making dining reservations, getting us to the shows on time before dinner, and generally ensuring that we were availing ourselves of everything the ship has to offer.❤️ Well, thanks to you, (or perhaps we should blame you), as you know, we have booked our second Crystal cruise for 2022 (much to our own surprise), as we already have cruises booked on our other preferred mid range lines through 2021. We totally agree with everyone’s glowing comments about the exceptional service, amazing entertainment- the production shows being of Broadway calibre, and the enrichment speakers, especially the wonderful Jim Brochu, who brought me to tears more than once. The magician from Magicians at Sea, made us believe in magic. When he performed an impromptu trick with Adrian at our dinner table on the last night, we were all stunned. How could one not believe in magic after that? Palm Court pre dinner drinks were very enjoyable, with Double Malt Duo. Katherine came over and chatted with us every evening. She’s so sweet, in addition to her sizeable talent. Our Avenue evenings were such fun! Joel Spire is an awesome performer/piano player, who engaged us with singalong songs from our era. Adrian can attest to the fact that I was in my element, especially when he performed Sweet Caroline. Didn’t find out until the last night that he is a fellow Canadian! Thanks to Steph and Colin who crashed our party at Palm Court (helping move furniture) and joined us at Avenue several evenings. You are both so personable, so much fun, and added to our enjoyment of the cruise! Sorry that we were not able to say good bye before disembarkation😢 Hope to meet some of you on a future cruise! Guess we have been Crystallized!😁 Eli and Bill
  8. We are on this sailing and also Elite plus in a concierge cabin. On May 3, we received the THIRD move up offer. We normally sail in sky suites, so perhaps this is the reason we are receiving the offers. We would love to have one of the two higher suites, but not unless the minimum bid is reduced to an amount we are willing to pay. Don’t think this will happen, so wish they would stop tempting us😊
  9. The aft C1’s on M class have huge balconies. We have had them several times, and again later this month on the Constellation. Can’t wait!
  10. That’s odd. We always book aft corner Sky Suites on S class, and recently on the Edge, and have never experienced a wind tunnel.
  11. Kelly Hoppen should have been fired after her screw ups on the Edge. I can’t believe that her mistakes are continuing with the Edge-ification of the other ships.
  12. The future cruise deposit is $100.00 pp and the perks were as follows during our Feb. Edge cruise. There is always a new similar offer.
  13. We were in an aft corner S1 last month and the tv did not swivel.
  14. We are low maintenance and do not use our butlers. We just got off the Edge after two weeks in a sky suite. We told our butler on day one that we would not need her, giving her more time with her other passengers. However, she would not take no for an answer and came to our cabin once or twice/day asking if there was something she could do for us. She was very nice, and have to give her credit for trying, but it was a waste of her time. Re: the poster who commented on Luminae staff treating lower suite guests like trash- In our experience, this could not be farther from the truth, and it is a shocking comment. Luminae service is excellent, and everyone is treated equally.
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