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  1. I’m on the Getaway in January and was told today by my cruise consultant (after numerous non-successful attempts over the past week+ to reserve dining) that the Getaway is listed as ‘stop sell’ which another member here has already stated in this thread. I am not sure exactly why they call it a ‘stop sell’ but what it means is I can’t book anything until I’m on board. We are just hoping it goes well. Our last cruise (pre-Covid or what I now call PC) we had a miserable time trying to get reservations. I got the impression that it’s only certain ships that are doing this and Getaway is one of those. Hope this clarifies for everyone. In the mean time, does anyone here know at what capacity and NCL is selling cabins? I’m curious.
  2. The fines for fake vaccine cards are pretty stiff. I hope these college kids OR anyone else awful enough to do this, understands there are consequences.
  3. Are deaths unrelated to COVID-19 being marked as COVID-19? (abc15.com)
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