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    I'm not attempting to scare anyone from getting off the ship in St Lucia. I'll be cruising there in Jan 2020 on the NCL Dawn and have full intentions of doing an excursion. I came here to see if anyone had read what happened to Cosol. I went on line to look for his website. He was our very first tour guide on our first trip to St Lucia in 2007. There was a large group of us, his business was just starting to grow. Thanks to recommendations/great reviews on the CC web site and the business it drummed up he had just purchased his 2nd van. He was so happy and proud and our tour was fabulous. I had a soft spot in my heart for him and on the occasions we returned to St Lucia, we would book with him. My intent was to do this again, especially as we are cruising with people new to St Lucia and I thought there is NO better than Cosol to show them the island that he loves so much. When I Googled his name, I was stunned to see that this past July, he was shot and killed on the island. My heart is broken. Again, I am not trying to scare people...the fact is there are shootings galore here in the US all the time (although most of us try not to think about that fact)….I just know that there are a lot....SO many on Cruise Critic that loved Cosol. I wanted them to know he was gone.
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