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  1. Thanks. Vic had 2 new cases. Do we know out of how many new arrivals?
  2. Yes it would be interesting to know 9 new overseas acquired cases out of how many new arrivals
  3. So is your basic balcony cabin $14,000 or $14,000 less ?%. I did see percentages beside the quoted prices.
  4. I just researched fares on Ponant and they are advertising their top suites up to $24,000 for ten day cruise.
  5. Lovely to hear from someone who had met David on a cruise.
  6. One advantage of Brisbane is the new port is away from the city at the mouth of the river.
  7. I have close friends in UK and USA, so understand the situation in both those countries. I do not have the same level of knowledge on other countries. Hence the comparison between the leadership situation managing the pandemic in NZ and USA.
  8. The small electric jug was to heat up milk for hot drinks for the children.
  9. I used to add 1/4 teaspoon of sugar, but decided that was another thing to take with me which I could do without. I'm trying to remember where I last saw single serve UHT milk. In Aust I used to take a small electric jug (the one without a lid, which you could heat liquid up in).
  10. I like Pu-er Chinese tea, which I used to buy in a small box.
  11. Best tea doesn't have to be expensive. I prefer non blended leaf tea.
  12. What cost vulnerable aboriginals catch the virus from visitors to NT?
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