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  1. Thank you for your comments. I agree it is not good value. After all, I have to double the Sterling cost to get approx. cost in weak Aus.$. The Norwegian Coastal Voyage was one of my favourite cruises and I love Scotland, so this itinerary on a small ship excited me, which I'm finding rare without a single supplement.
  2. Thank you. I am used to roughing it and have cruised in a basic cabin on a car deck on a Hurtigruten ferry. I hope I will be pleasantly surprised and expect to love the itinerary, if not the ship.
  3. Thank you for your response. This will be my first cruise with Noble Caledonia. I'm attracted to their unique itineraries and enjoy small ships. I will write a review on my return. I couldn't find any information on Cruise Critic on this ship and didn't think of looking at trip advisor for ship reviews.
  4. Agree different medications affect people in different ways. I can't take Cold and Flu meds because they make my heart race, which is why I am very careful with medications.
  5. Glad I wasn't on your Antarctica cruise. We only had rough seas between South Georgia Island and Antarctica, but some passengers wore patches the whole cruise (23 days). Had an experience of really rough seas across the Ocean from NYC to Rotterdam - one where the furniture slid from side to side, including piano, and you had to hold on to a rope to cross the lift wells. Didn't fall out of bed though! We did once when we hit Bass Strait on the ferry.
  6. Yes green apples and ginger does help. I had been told sea sickness was mind over matter and if one felt nauseous to just go up on deck and look at the horizon. I found that this usually works to a degree. After cruising through very rough oceans from Australia to Europe, I believed I didn't get sea sick. However the conflicting currents in the Bay of Biscay en route from UK to Australia caused most of the passengers, including me, to be sea sick, much to my surprise. Of course, it was far too late to take medication. Still I didn't take any in Antarctica either.
  7. China has ordered the Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific to suspend staff who support pro democracy protests in the territory. BBC China's Aviation Authority has issued a major safety warning to Cathay Pacific (flights over mainland China).
  8. Anyone cruised on MS Serenissima with Noble Caledonia?
  9. I am a senior, who will be in Oban, Scotland in September, after a cruise. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the choice of what to do in Oban. Which islands should I visit by ferry? Where else should I consider by public transport? How long should I allow for this beautiful part of Scotland? Plan to visit Glasgow and Edinburgh for a few days each en route to London.
  10. Thanks everyone for your advice. I took Stemetil with me on my first overseas cruise from Sydney to London and return. I didn't take it, so I'd forgotten.
  11. Thanks I hadn't heard of that. I always take candied ginger and ginger cordial.
  12. Can someone recommend sea sickness tablets, over the counter in Australia, with the least side effects? (I take Micardis high blood pressure tablets.) I don't usually take sea sickness tablets, as I rarely get sea sick, but sea sickness tablets are recommended on the small ship I'll be cruising on (100 passengers).
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