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  1. Beautiful cloud patterns and colour of the water and sky.
  2. Is Snares your only port? How long is the cruise? What a lovely custom to send you the video to add to your excitement. I couldn't play the video because the sound is wrecked on my computer, but I can imagine it. If it has scenes of penguins hopping in to the water, I could watch forever. My favourite penguin memory was a solo penguin walking along the water's edge beside my daughter. I thought he'd jump in the water at any minute, but he didn't, so I left my daughter to her solo walk, whilst I investigated a ruin with snow inside. You are going to have a wonderful time - Enjoy!
  3. Wattie baked beans were my favourite, but I haven't seen them lately. Product of Australia is my go to for purchases. Product of NZ is good also but I notice a lot of items say "made in NZ". Reminds me of the fish from Newfoundland which is sent to China to be processed, then sent back to Canada, so it can be sold as Product of Canada.
  4. Looks like you can take your pick of months from advice given here! La Nina makes it a different ball game this summer with more rain than usual expected.
  5. I thought Vic. was second wave. No? Yes, I know we are not immune. That is why I follow the advice given to Seniors, as I believe we have to be responsible for ourselves. Aust/NZ have to be alert for corona virus coming through cruise ship crew. The ship which came from NZ, is off shore Mooloolaba. I read that the person, who caught the virus from a ship in NZ, has a new version of the corona virus.
  6. Yes it is very sad news indeed. I don't think most of us thought it would get as bad as it has. I have friends in the US so understand the situation there. US people are paying a high price for lack of leadership from the top and lack of a uniform health system for all. I'm worried about people loosing their jobs and with that their health coverage.
  7. Hospitals struggle to cope as 20 European Countries record highest daily numbers of Covid Cases. 26,668 - UK 24 hours 15,199 - Italy 11,984 Czech Republic etc. European Union leaders will hold a video conference next week to discuss how to better co-operate on the infections rise. ABC News
  8. As an independent traveller, I've always avoided organised excursions of any kind. However, on my last cruise, I learnt well done organised excursions could really enhance a cruise. One advantage of small ship cruising, you don't feel like you are being herded around.
  9. I would never travel north during the cyclone season, for that reason. The risk of possible rough seas is higher.
  10. When I cruised to Antarctica, I met a lady who was travelling to Antarctica twice in one year. She was making a return visit with a relative, when her husband didn't want to travel to Antarctica again. Everyone was happy with that arrangement. On my first overseas cruise, I shared a cabin with three other ladies. One cleaned houses so she could pay to travel overseas every year, whilst her husband went trout fishing.
  11. Sounds like a winner for destination cruisers. Ponant has done some cruises in the region. One saving towards the cruise fare would be no overseas business class air fares. Hobart would be a perfect departure port as it is well set up with Antarctica Museums.
  12. I hope it is a good game and there is no thunderstorm to spoil the game. Being a tennis fan, presentation of the Cup to the winners by Ash Barty, if Richmond wins, was an extra bonus!
  13. Do you think the seas were calmer because a lot of the route is close to islands and the Australian Coast, rather than the open Ocean? When we cruised down the East Coast, I was surprised to see the Solstice, a larger ship, was closer to the Coast than we were on Ocean Princess, a smaller ship. I would recommend this cruise to everyone, as there is so much beautiful scenery to see en route. Spending time in Singapore before or after the cruise is a bonus.
  14. Yes. We have local money exchange offices. As an independent traveller, I always take a small amount of cash for each country if on a cruise. UK I take Aus cash, as I can just change what I need to change. Last visit to UK last year, both my credit cards were blocked, so it was lucky I had some cash.
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