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  1. You will enjoy Taronga Zoo, which is a great place to see Australian birds, as well as animals. Take time to enjoy the wide variety of birds in large walk through bird cages, as well as the live bird show. I see birds there I can never spot in the Australian bush.
  2. Bon Voyage Sandi, What a wonderful itinerary on a small ship, Pacific Princess! Hope the high waters have gone down in Venice and you have smooth seas and good weather in the Mediterranean. Happy Thanksgiving. What a lovely bon voyage thread, Kazu.
  3. MMDown Under

    Princess Advanced Prices

    i just researched a 10 day Azamara Greek Island cruise which was $13,000 plus for a single. Who actually pays over $1,000 per day for a cruise? I
  4. MMDown Under

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    Agree it is ugly. Reminds me a live sheep carrier. Does it look top heavy to anyone else?
  5. MMDown Under

    Ideas for trips in Yorkeys Knob and Cairns

    Cairns Botanical Gardens are a tropical paradise, which would be of interest for visitors from UK. In addition I find visitors are fascinated by the Cairns foreshore.
  6. MMDown Under

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    I imagine there were a number of independent witnesses to this sad incident, both crew and passengers. The Coroner will ascertain the truth.
  7. MMDown Under

    Booking flights on skiddoo

    Well Done! Shows that it pays to shop around. Can you book your seats prior to flight? Have you tried Insure and Go or Tick for quotes?
  8. A holiday at the beach, in a beach house, for your extended family sounds like the perfect solution for school holidays.
  9. That seems strange. Is that for the same size cabin, with a cot?
  10. I think in this instance the ship would wait if a lot of passengers are late getting back, as they are only cruising a short distance to the next port of call. I have seen it on a cruise where an accident blocked the only access road.
  11. Probably not. Depends when all aboard time is. Could be 5.00 pm for 6.00 pm sailaway.
  12. A better outcome would be for common sense to prevail, with cruise lines, when cruising between Aus and NZ, not insisting on 6 months validity of passports, at the end of cruisesl After all, NZ doesn't require 6 months when Aussies make land visits.
  13. MMDown Under

    Majestic or Solstice

    Well Done! Enjoy your accessible mid ship mini suite on Majestic.
  14. MMDown Under

    Your Top 3

    i would like more information on smaller ships, both ocean and river. More information on ports for independent cruisers. Information on best time of year to cruise in our region, as well as overseas.