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  1. MMDown Under

    Where are Bill and Mary Ann?

    Bon Voyage Bill and Mary Ann. I was searching the thread looking for your thread, so pleased to see this thread to learn that the WC commences later this year.
  2. I would think it would be when you arrive back in Darwin, but I would confirm with the relevant government department.
  3. MMDown Under

    Port to Brisbane CBD

    Yes there is a small supermarket at Portside, plus restaurants, movie theatre (Dendy Portside) etc. I would bring my own laundry soap with me, as I've had trouble finding laundry soap on my travels. I recently ended up buying it at a small shop in Labrador, Canada, of all places.
  4. Thanks David. It is always nice to see the smaller ships visiting smaller ports, like Waiheke Island. Anyone who has visited there knows it is Auckland's secret island. Hopefully more smaller ships will visit more smaller NZ ports, off the beaten track.
  5. MMDown Under

    Gratuties onboard ships

    If the Aussie $ keeps depreciating, cruise lines, which charge gratuities/service charges, will soon notice a decrease in their bookings from Aussies. It is always a shock to return home to a credit card with foreign currencies converted to Aussie $. Interesting that P&O (UK) are doing away with charging extra for gratuities. I was surprised to learn through this thread that Princess shares money paid for gratuities across their fleet. If this is true, it just shows what a farce charging extra for gratuities is. If gratuities aren't charged, there are still many ways you can reward room stewards for their service, by bringing gifts from home, by keeping your cabin tidy to lessen their workload, by saying you don't always need a second service at night, by buying small gifts in port (one collected fridge magnets of ports), etc.
  6. Wishing everyone all the joys of Christmas and every happiness in 2019. May you find lots of good value cruise deals in 2019. The weather forecast for Christmas at the Coast is a mild 18 - 26c, after the current heatwave conditions across northern Australia.
  7. MMDown Under

    Aida Aura in Melbourne today 16 Dec

    WOW - Four days in Mauritius is an impressive stop over in a port. I often admire the interesting itineraries of German cruise lines. I should have kept up those German conversation lessons! I hope passengers enjoy their overnight in Fremantle.
  8. MMDown Under

    Our Captain's guide to Charleston SC

    You'll have no trouble finding the ship. When I was in Manhattan recently, our ship (MS Fram) changed berths, between these berths, during an overnight stay. I enjoyed the Captain's Guide to Charleston, SC. I walked all day, just exploring, during a recent port visit of this beautiful southern city, which is well worth a longer stay.
  9. MMDown Under

    Problems Australia VISA

    I would check with your TA to see whether they receive commission on their recommendation.
  10. MMDown Under

    Whos Cruising and When ?

    I guessed that was the case. Thanks for all the work you do updating the list, David. Always an enjoyable read to see where people are cruising.
  11. Australian Geographic are going to be their Expedition Partners.
  12. I received an email this afternoon about this cruise from Coral Expeditions, with an attached flyer. 35th Anniversary Circumnavigation of Australia issuu.com This would be a cruise of a lifetime for Aussies who can afford it.
  13. MMDown Under

    Norwegian Jewel in Newcastle

    That was great timing, David to see the ship arriving in Newcastle.
  14. Hope you are enjoying cruising on Pacific Princess, Sandi. Bon Voyage for your B2B TA cruise, with its interesting itinerary.
  15. I couldn't see it on their website either. They have some great cruises and obviously have a following from those who can afford those high prices for small ship cruising.