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  1. MMDown Under

    Whos Cruising and When ?

    I guessed that was the case. Thanks for all the work you do updating the list, David. Always an enjoyable read to see where people are cruising.
  2. Australian Geographic are going to be their Expedition Partners.
  3. I received an email this afternoon about this cruise from Coral Expeditions, with an attached flyer. 35th Anniversary Circumnavigation of Australia issuu.com This would be a cruise of a lifetime for Aussies who can afford it.
  4. MMDown Under

    Norwegian Jewel in Newcastle

    That was great timing, David to see the ship arriving in Newcastle.
  5. Hope you are enjoying cruising on Pacific Princess, Sandi. Bon Voyage for your B2B TA cruise, with its interesting itinerary.
  6. I couldn't see it on their website either. They have some great cruises and obviously have a following from those who can afford those high prices for small ship cruising.
  7. MMDown Under

    HAL's Amsterdam arriving Sydney 27 Nov

    Record rainfall in Sydney - feel sorry for the passengers on Amsterdam's Grand Voyage 2 day stopover in Sydney.
  8. MMDown Under

    Ovation in Sydney 28 Nov

    This is the second time in a fortnight, that Sydney flights have been reduced to using only one runway, with many flights cancelled/delayed.
  9. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Times like this, it would be nice to be rich!
  10. MMDown Under

    Maasdam in Auckland 26 Nov

    What type of musical entertainment is on board Maasdam?
  11. MMDown Under

    Maasdam in Auckland 26 Nov

    Lucky you! Bon Voyage from Singapore. You must have been looking at too many of those huge ships. She looks bigger than MS Fram!
  12. I'll check the name the next time I go to Sydney. The current shuttle from Potts Point stops at hotels in Kings Cross and en route to Central Station to pick up passengers who have booked a transfer to the airport. In the past, I have caught airport shuttles to and fro the CBD. There is a special spot at the airport for all shuttle busses to collect passengers. It is not the Ready2Go bus stop, which has a kiosk inside the airport.
  13. MMDown Under

    Winter jackets?

    Winter jacket would be a good idea for Milford Sound, as it can be cold there, on a ship.
  14. I have used Sydney airport shuttles to and fro Sydney, for many years, because that is the least expensive way for a single person. The hotel where I stay in Potts Point (De Vere Hotel) has set times for shuttles to the airport, which you book the day before. I have a phone number to ring for transfer from the airport to hotel, when I arrive in Sydney. When my daughter is working, she takes the train from Kings Cross to the airport, because it is a quicker service.
  15. MMDown Under

    Majestic at Port Arthur today 20 Nov

    They have had lunch and unpacked (roomy cabin with lots of cupboard space). 3.20 pm safety drill. 4 pm departure scheduled. Another cruise about to begin.