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  1. Now is the time for honest advice on weasel words to look out for in PDS in current insurance policies available in Aust. In relation to cruises and international travel.
  2. Norwegian Coastal Voyage by Hurtigruten would be another great cruise with stopovers at ports of call. Next best would be cruises which spend overnight in ports.
  3. I don’t see how it can be shut down without replacement as lots of Alaskan towns inc the capital can only be reached via water.
  4. We did this on Alaskan Marine Highway ferry. Staying at each town a few days then a truck camper trip from Anchorage. Was a great way to see Alaska.
  5. Yes there is plenty of supply of vaccines now but not having the vaccines early effects the double dose date. Queensland has 95% infant vaccine rate, so there is not overall vaccine hesitancy.
  6. Thanks. That is interesting. That is lazy underwriting if you have been a client for many years with no health related claims.
  7. For my last cruise I had booked a ferry trip from Cairns to TI return. I was surprised to not be able to get insurance from my usual insurer (with no claims). When I enquired why I was told it was because it was further than four months time. ?? I wondered if they knew something the public didn’t know at the time. So I decided not to do the cruise as I always have plan b or c land travel I could do in lieu!
  8. If the insurance industry doesn’t change its policies about insurance coverage for covid it will be the end of cruising as we know it. Garden Clubs in Queensland were going to be forced to close when they couldn’t get insurance. Fortunately they were able to get insurance through Victoria.
  9. Not the ones which didn’t receive the early supply of sufficient doses of the vaccine. Congratulations NSW!
  10. I did a cruise from Sydney to Darwin when the ship returned to Asia after the SARS Epidemic. Those were the days when you thought nothing of flying south to Sydney to join a cruise north.
  11. My dream remains a cruise from Brisbane to Darwin. I have no desire to visit or travel from Sydney nor Melbourne at the moment whether their borders are open or not. I usually visit both several times a year and miss them.
  12. I read Batesman Bay has Covid cases. Keep safe by staying at home.
  13. I am a destination cruiser so ports of call are the most important feature.
  14. For those who follow world cruisers, Bill and Mary Ann are cruising again on a short cruise to Alaska. Their blog gives hope for limited future cruising.
  15. I wonder if State Governments will be forced to get back in to the insurance industry. Queensland used to have the State Government Insurance Office which became Suncorp. People won’t travel without insurance. Recently Webjet offered insurance for $34 with their flights. From memory, You were covered if you caught covid, but not if there were border closures.
  16. A formal afternoon tea on a ship is an experience. My favourite was being served by a man in a suit, whilst sitting on deck chairs on promenade deck, scones, delicious jam and cream from a traymobile.
  17. Queensland case has not been in the community. CHO locks down all possible close contacts ASAP to try to keep Qld safe. 1000 in home quarantine from memory. SA only had border to Qld open from 1-10/9. My daughter dodged the positive Miner from Sydney at Adelaide airport by 55 mins. She also flew home Sunday after SA closed border to people from Brisbane.
  18. Did you point out this error to 1Cover? Future insurance coverage is going to determine whether many people cruise.
  19. I have been following an interesting blog both text and photos from Postcards from the Transition. I was sorry to read that he had caught covid recently whilst on a cruise with Alaska Dream Cruises. The cruise line took every precaution with guests having to be vaccinated and tested negative prior to the cruise. Guests kept to their bubble. He doesn't know how he caught the virus but thinks maybe in Sitka departure lounge. Having flown from here it would be impossible to socially distance there. This demonstrates how careful future cruisers must be despite being double vaccinated and negative prior to a cruise.
  20. Thanks for your input everyone sharing your knowledge of cruising. You are a wealth of knowledge!
  21. Demonstrates how many people smoked back then.
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