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  1. tahoemc

    Passengers killed in bus accident

    Sam Fritz, deepest sympathies and condolences to you and your family and friends. Although we have never met, it is comforting to us knowing that you are touched by this outpouring of prayers, condolences and thoughts. Thank you for the reminder that life is short and precious, your message is received loud and clear. Safe travels as you continue this most difficult trip to bring Andy and Jody home. God Bless!
  2. tahoemc

    Our MSC Divina Cruise - Dec. 9-16, 2017

    Hi Karen and David, thanks for referring your cruise buddies to this review. Well done and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Often times I would like to consider other cruise lines, but it sounds like MSC is mostly comparable to RC. I guess for now we'll stick with RC and make some more progress towards D+. P.S. Sending you a CC friend request :)
  3. I remember your posts from a couple years ago when I was counting down. Its been 2yrs and 1 week since we retired, though I'm working a temporary job for a few months, nothing stressful for sure. Pick up some extra $$ for golf & travel :D
  4. Thanks again Jim & Judith for sharing your cruise with us. Safe travels home!
  5. A little late to the party, but subscribing nonetheless. We just returned last Sunday from an 8 nighter on Freedom, got home last nite after spending an additional day in Ft. Lauderdale, spent today getting laundry, groceries, and re-acquainted with the puppy. Will have to look into booking the Hilton next time. We stayed at the Best Western Airport south pre-cruise, & and the HI Express on 17th post-cruise. Wasn't too impressed with either one. All caught up with the live report, looking forward to the remaining reports. Keep up the good work Trainman. Happy cruising to you two and your friends too.
  6. Thanks Robyn for such an awesome report/review of FOS. My DW & I will be joining many of your followers on the 11/26/16 sailing this Saturday. Just found your thread today and read thru all 30 pages :eek::D I see there are a couple of followers who are on this thread but haven't posted on the roll call for the 11/26 sailing. Sure hope y'all signed up for the M&M, the more the merrier :cool: Happy Holidays to you and yours!
  7. All you folks in countdown mode, enjoy, your day will be here before you know it. No cruises lined up since we did the Serenade Snowbird reposition from Quebec to Ft. Lauderdale last fall, probably do a Hawaii trip before booking another cruise. The Panama Canal is on my bucket list.
  8. [quote name='zlacruising']Not real busy, which I like a lot. Going on a Mardi Gras cruise out of N.O. on Feb. 7!! I'm in countdown mode!:) (Yes retirement is great) As of yesterday I've been retired a year. Tahoemc, you must be too! Didn't we retire right about the same time???[/QUOTE] Hi Deb, yup, your recollection is correct, within a day or two if I recall correctly. Our last day was Jan 20, so 1 yr and a week. Have a great cruise, a mardi gras theme would be fun! Which ship you on?
  9. Well, guess everyone is out there busy being retired :) Been pretty busy, even though its winter. Holiday travels, getting ready for some spring travels, rving, etc. Golfing when its not snowing :eek:
  10. Wow, its almost over, seems as though it just started. Thanks to both of you for allowing us to tag along. Have a safe trip home!
  11. Jim, get well soon. Lots of liquids :D
  12. Hi Jim, thanks for the continuing reports, I'm really enjoying them, as are so many others. So surprised your having issues in Chops. Our recent experiences in Chops on Serenade were very good. Hope it improves. Hello to fellow 2011 Liberty TA "LOSTies" Peter & Mike, glad to see y'all still out there. Enjoy your upcoming Serenade cruises!
  13. Hi Deb, glad to see retirement is agreeing with you. Enjoying our retirement too! We too just returned from a 14 night reposition cruise on the Serenade OTS from Quebec to Fort Lauderdale - this was our retirement gift to us. Fab cruise, a bit cold up north but absolutely beautiful cities and countryside. We only saw 6 kids under school age on our cruise, and I think I saw one teenage girl - poor thing, no one to hang with.
  14. Jim, great job with the Live reports! There were cookies in the WJ and Park Café, as well as in Café Latitudes, during our recent repositioning cruise. If you drink specialty coffees, make sure you get a punch card. One free coffee drink of your choice after 6 purchases. Looking forward to more reports and seeing so many familiar onboard sights!
  15. I'm in and looking forward to cruising along with you. Serenade should be completely thawed out since we dropped her off in FLL last week following the Snowbird Migration cruise from Quebec. Have a great cruise you two!