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  1. We did a Panama Canal transit in January and I asked the same question. People said then, as now, don’t pick a fixed location. Walk around, look ahead, both sides, and behind. That’s what we did, and it was easy and a great way to see it.
  2. The things we used to complain about...
  3. That was his wording. Hard in a a post to capture the full context of what he said, but I took his hope to be around 50-50 of cruising. In regards to the overall presentation, which was around 45 minutes if I recall, I thought it was encouraging to hear a major cruise line talk about restarting rather than which ships are going to the scrap yard. Cruising without masks and the ability to tour ports on your own is not going to happen without first cruising with masks and with exclusively ship-sponsored shore excursions. So let’s have that play out and go from there. We can each decide when we want to jump back in to cruising for ourselves.
  4. Chrism23, I’m just reporting what Mark Conroy said re December. He didn’t go into the details. I don’t know the as-built HVAC characteristics of the Moon but they might be up to Covid 19 standards. I don’t know enough about immigration policies to comment. I am not interested in flying to Florida in December either but enough people are already there that it might work. I forgot to add in my report that Silversea will hold at least 10% of cabins for quarantine purposes. Mark did not say that this meant they’d sail at 90% capacity, I don’t recall him commenting on this either way.
  5. I watched a presentation this afternoon hosted by our TA and featuring Mark Conroy. A few highlights: -Hoping to start Caribbean cruises in December, probably late December. -The Moon will come over to Ft. Lauderdale empty this fall. Well, it’ll have a crew... -The 2021 World Cruise isn’t officially canceled yet but Mark is not optimistic given the number of parts that are closed to cruise ships. -The 2022 WC was announced, sort of. Bookings open early November. No Australia or NZ. Leaves Florida, down the west coast of South America to Antarctica, then to Africa, through the Suez and Med, then end in Copenhagen. I hope I remember that right. -Some cruises, for example, an Alaskan cruise in June, will depart and return on a Thursday to avoid weekend cruise ship congestion in port. -Masks will be required when social distancing is difficult, such as on elevators, but not always required. Mark did say that if you do not like to wear a mask, you should wait to cruise. -Testing will be multiple times before embarking. Not sure what happens if you test positive at the port. -All crew will get a vaccine once it’s available. They won’t require pax to have it. -They will require pax to take their shore excursions through Silversea for the time being. They will try to arrange some “after hours” excursions to reduce crowding at the sites. -You can dine with other pax if you choose. Dining tables will be separated for social distancing. Mark didn’t discuss the buffet. -Mark apologized for the delay in processing refunds. -FCC are moving to 100% for everything. Not 125% or even 110%. It was nice to hear about cruising resuming, even if not ideal. At this point, it’s not reasonable to expect the switch to flip back on the way it flipped off back in March. I’ll try to answer other questions.
  6. I’ll add my thanks to Miaminice for a great trip report. And a very encouraging one as well! I enjoyed following along.
  7. We used SPB Tours in the Baltic’s as well, and thought they did an excellent job. We booked with them in each port (Berlin, Tallinn, St. Petersburg two days, Helsinki and Stockholm). It was nice dealing with just one vendor for all the ports. That was pre COVID-19 of course.
  8. We were on Spirit in late 2018. Deck 6 or 7 i believe. It was great—very quiet, nice layout, spacious for a 7 day cruise.
  9. We spent a couple nights there pre-cruise a few years ago—great city, quite walkable!
  10. Love those-great post! I didn’t know we could get dessert delivered to our cabin...will try that next time!
  11. I have absolutely no inside knowledge, but we’re thinking of a river cruise in October-November 2021. On Crystal would be nice!
  12. I postulate that you’re too pessimistic on the 90%. I’m sure there are some but the 90% is too high by a lot. Well, that’s probably very true.
  13. Thank you from me too! I appreciate the effort this takes. Even if I don’t always like the news...
  14. I agree too, but it provides hope that smart people are on the case and might come up with ingenious solutions to the various problems to be solved.
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