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  1. BillieB

    Stateroom 5044 Boudicca. Please

    Thank you for your reply regarding evening wear. I was curious about the layout of the stateroom, that's all, as I can't bring it in on images.
  2. BillieB

    Just had a visit from the Upgrade Fairy!

    Well done on getting an upgrade, very rare indeed lol. We prefer 1st sitting, we found that 2nd sitting left us little time to do things as we were often tired especially on port days.
  3. BillieB

    Cunard Money boxes

    Ok, thank you for that. Quite disappointed really.
  4. BillieB

    Cunard Money boxes

    They are small pottery piggy banks. On the side is the name of the ship. I've got one from Balmoral, Oceana and the 2 from Cunard. I bought them from the merchandise shops on board. I thought it unusual that 2 cunard ships sold them and one didn't, as I believe from other passengers we met they are very popular.
  5. BillieB

    Cunard Money boxes

    I collect pig money boxes, I have one from the QM2 and one from the QV. When we sailed on QE in 2011 she didn't have any, does anyone know whether she has started selling them yet please.
  6. BillieB

    White dinner jackets on a Cunard cruise black and white ball

    My husband wore a cream tuxedo on a TA, nobody commented and said it was wrong, there were two gentleman who wore cream, pink and blue tuxedos and very smart they looked. All this tropicals waters is ridiculous, gone are those halcyon days, as long as it's formal attire on a formal night whether you're in the Tropics or the Baltic shouldn't matter,
  7. BillieB

    Formal dress hire

    Many thanks. It really has helped.
  8. BillieB

    Formal dress hire

    Thank you for your reply, after the cruise we are going straight to Umbria working voluntarily on a conservation project, so they'll be other luggage with working clothes as well. The excess baggage payment seems favourite.
  9. BillieB

    Formal dress hire

    As we are limited with luggage weight, can we hire ladies and gents formal attire on the ship.
  10. BillieB

    Any signs of changes on QM2

    My husband and I ( I sound like the queen) always sit at the end of the row near the exits in the theatre, so if the show is below par we can sneak out without disturbing other passengers. Appasionatta I'm afraid was one of those times. One sail, the entertainment was a 3rd rate singer, who was no Jane McDonald, a comedian, who was fabulous and some kind of keyboard player, whose wife glided across the stage doing some type of expressionist dance, he was brilliant, she was unnecessary. We have seen some excellent shows and some terrible. We have never had a problem with the meals, I suppose it depends on the size of your appetite, theres always plenty, and there's nothing wrong with asking for another plate if the first one wasn't sufficient. There's virtually 24/7 food service on a Cunard ship so nobody should go hungry, and there's always room service if you're still peckish.
  11. BillieB

    Ladies pant suit on forma night?

    I wear formal trousers and fancy tops on formal night, nobody has ever complained. Enjoy your trip and stop worrying.
  12. BillieB

    Two adults and a 12 year old in an inside cabin QM2

    If you stretch to it go for a balcony stateroom, the settee opens into a double bed. We took our 6' plus grandson on a short trip and the extra room in the stateroom was a godsend.
  13. BillieB

    A case of wine

    Thank you.
  14. BillieB

    A case of wine

    Underwater can you tell me, do you take more than one bottle each on board, as the information given is one bottle of wine per person (over 21)
  15. BillieB

    Can any one help with medical travel insurance

    Many many thanks for all your replies, but the bottom line was a resounding 'no' from everyone we tried. So we have transferred the trip onto a European cruise. The TA were most concerned, but at least we can still go on a cruise. We will keep trying again next year for the US, or until we either wear the insurance companies down or my OH has been clear of Cancer for 5 years. Happy cruising x