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  1. Old locks on the Island Princess, if possible, is magnificent. It has been my all time favorite cruise. The history, ports, beauty... all spectacular! I only had one issue with the entire cruise; in Cartagena I didn't have an excursion booked and was just going to walk around. I had my at-the-time 6 month old strapped to my chest and just wanted to walk around and see the area close to the ship. In the gated ship area it was nice with some interesting stuff and tropical birds to look at. But once leaving the gates I was bombarded with taxi drivers and people pushing items and car rides on me. They were touching me and the baby and I had enough so I went back to the ship. Just my two cents. But I highly recommend the cruise!
  2. Princess' left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. It'll all get cleared up in the end. No pun intended, but these are uncharted waters for all of us with the pandemic. Just be sure if you call, please be nice. These people deal with so much negativity, a little kindness goes a long way.
  3. It was two 7 day cruises. Princess is now going through all the back to backs people have booked to cancel. You can book them, but then in a week or so, you'll get a message that your trip has been canceled.
  4. Well, just got notice this morning that my trip has been cancelled.... I'm devastated and pissed. Two years of planning and now nothing....
  5. I was thinking the same thing. If they want me to pack and get off the ship, take a test, then go back on, I'm totally good with it.
  6. I already have my elite person on it, but I am so curious to see how I'm going to sail next year. Technically my sailing is two 7 day back to back cruises. Will I have to pack up and get off the ship? Will I only be allowed to go for the first 7 days? It'll be interesting to see how they swing this.
  7. It'll be interesting to see what they do about people without phones, disabilities in using devices, and kids without phones.
  8. My December cruise that was cancelled still shows. Just makes me sad every time I open the app.
  9. I have a Caribbean cruise booked for the beginning of July of 2021 out of Ft. Lauderdale. I'm really hoping it is happening.
  10. I was looking into these (have it saved on my wishlist). Was it secure enough? I was worried about it falling out.
  11. I'm planning ahead (hoping for the future) and was wondering how you prefer to carry your medallion? I'm debating on just keeping it in the lanyard or getting the wrist band thing. What are your personal opinions?
  12. Thankfully my kids are older and I can sit further back, but the worst was when they wanted to go swimming and not a chair in sight was available (only a few actually being used, the others full of "stuff") so I just had to stand there, like an idiot.... I don't understand people's lack of decency. I get it if someone wants to sit out all day, and there are those that do, but if you are only going to use the chair for an hour or two, come on people!
  13. Starting in September, Costa cruises is going to do sailings (only with Italian guests, but it's a start). They will do mandatory covid testing in the terminal before you get on the ship, a rapid test (who pays for it, I don't know). Would you take a test before getting on a ship if it was mandated? I am asking because I really want to know peoples' answers. My position is, yes, I would take a test if I could cruise. There are many of other positions because of false positives and negatives, etc. And who would cover the cost of getting home/cruise if the test was positive? Just throwing this out there; please be nice with each other.
  14. I filled out the survey and sent my answers in. It took FOREVER! There were so many questions.
  15. That's one of the best desserts!!!!! We're all kids at heart, right?!
  16. There are a couple of great websites where you can see different menus: cruisewithgambee.com pescadoamarillo.blogspot.com Those are a couple that I frequent when I'm dreaming of a dinner I don't have to make and has more calories than I consume in a week.
  17. Blendeds are, what I call, the "fluffly" drinks. Coffee or not, blended with creams, etc. and topped with whipped cream. My 13 year old loves them so I figured she could treat herself. I love the IC, that's my favorite early morning place and usually the only time I would get coffee. I was on the Grand in the summer of 2018; I loved that ship. Older, but nice. And you are right, FABULOUS staff!
  18. I figured it was just a shot in the dark... Actually, it was purchased. I would purchase them for the brewed coffee (I'm a snob when it comes to coffee and the syrup was not doing it for me.) It was paid for! Anyone remember, back in the day, when they were like the Queen of Hearts or something like that? I bought those too and used them up over the years. This card was one of my last ones purchased, probably about 5+ years ago. For my last couple of cruises I have purchased the drink package so haven't needed anything like the coffee card.
  19. Which ship were you on? Just wondering by chance if that's the one for my next sailing. I figured the same as you, the worst thing that could happen is they would say "no". My daughter is going on a trip with her grandparents and won't have a drink package so I figured she could try and use the card to treat herself to some blendeds! And we better be able to cruise by next summer!!! I have a 14 caribbean cruise planned for July... HAH! Crossing my fingers.
  20. Does anyone know if we can still use the punches on a coffee card? I was cleaning this weekend and found an old one and was hoping my kid could use it for blendeds. Again, I know this has been asked a million time, but I didn't want to scroll through pages and pages of searches, so please don't harp on me. Thanks!
  21. Not an ad, just like their stuff and wondering if anyone here does also. But, if they wanted to pay me to promote it, I would be all about that. HAH!
  22. Though my December cruise was cancelled, we moved our paid amount plus the 25%, yesterday to the next payment for our cruise in July of 2021. ALSO, Princess just called today and gave us a "complementary" specialty restaurant dinner for my party of 9 next year. It's the little things that keep me going with hope! And now I can eat steak! HAH!
  23. Also, isn't it kind of early to determine what's happening in December?
  24. Right?! OH WAIT.... the bars are closed in Southern California....
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