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  1. Thank you everyone. To clarify, I’m a mother paying for both my teenage daughter and her friend. Her friend can’t go. So there is no issue with the refund of the third person. I was/am paying anyway. I just wasn’t sure if I showed up at check in and say there are only 2 of us now, would they still make me change rooms or would there be some kind of automatic cancellation of my booking? Hoping I can just show up and say that and still get my room. I’m ok with paying that 3 person price as it wasn’t that much extra for third person. Just really don’t want to lose my room!
  2. Our third person can’t go with us now. I’m scared if I call to cancel the third person, Carnival will try to make us move to free up that triple occupancy room. There are no more Havana Cabana rooms available on my sailing. Plus we’re not sure if another friend might come instead. To complicate matters I booked an ES rate. It’s not the money that I’m looking to get back, I just don’t know the procedure if only 2/3 people show up to board. And if we do find a third person, will they let us cancel and rebook that new person (at the higher rate it will be)? We are still outside of final payments. Advice?
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