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  1. By forcing vaccination does the cruise line or state share responsibility in the event of a death resulting from the innoculation?
  2. Brimstone Hill /St Kitts. I want to go to Brimstone Hill as I believe the best views are there. My traveling partner is reluctant because of a perceived climb. Does anyone have any experience with this tour (Carnival) with respect climbing? Does the tour bust take you right up to the fort? How muck climbing is involved? Any suggestions on how to better get to the best views? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your response. Carnival has taken their position. Hopefully a few more will post with their experience.
  4. I just got off of the phone with Carnival. I am sailing Nov2 on the Breeze. I asked the question; If I purchase the premium internet package and cannot get emails, can I get a refund for that package. The answer was NO. I made sure the rep understood the email was not behind some firewall or government. The Answer was NO. Where I come from that is a breech of contract. Anyway I made sure she understood my question and that her response would be made public. So keep this in mind when considering an internet package. As a result, my cruise will be less fun. Carnival does not get the revenue. IF YOU DON'T GET EMAILS, TOUGH
  5. Still appears no special entertainment.(shows)
  6. Did not know this was a Journeys cruise. Don’ t do Facebook
  7. Any entertainment not yet published?
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