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  1. Brimstone Hill /St Kitts. I want to go to Brimstone Hill as I believe the best views are there. My traveling partner is reluctant because of a perceived climb. Does anyone have any experience with this tour (Carnival) with respect climbing? Does the tour bust take you right up to the fort? How muck climbing is involved? Any suggestions on how to better get to the best views? Thanks

  2. 44 minutes ago, Organized Chaos said:


    Emails are technically available through the Value and Premium plans, but if the ship's wifi service is bad, sending/receiving may not work. We were on the Glory last year and the internet service was atrocious. We bought Value plans and couldn't load any website...not my email, not even Carnival's site. I was going to email someone back home, but it could barely open my inbox, so I didn't even try to send one.


    People have gone to Guest Services and complained about the wifi service and have gotten refunds. Maybe we should have on that cruise, but didn't. I thought that if we did, they'd stop our plans altogether and we were using them to communicate via iMessage, which worked pretty good.


    So don't worry about what they said on your phone call. If you experience very bad wifi service when you're on your cruise and can't use it how it's intended, let Guest Services know. There's a chance they'll issue a refund. Be sure to give it a chance, though, because time of day (the amount of wifi traffic) can impact how well it works.

    Thanks for your response.

    Carnival has taken their position. Hopefully a few more will post with their experience.

  3. I just got off of the phone with Carnival. I am sailing Nov2 on the Breeze. I asked the question; If I purchase the premium internet package and cannot get emails, can I get a refund for that package. The answer was NO. I made sure the rep understood the email was not behind some firewall or government. The Answer was NO. Where I come from that is a breech of contract. Anyway I made sure she understood my question and that her response would be made public.  So keep this in mind when considering an internet package. As a result, my cruise will be less fun. Carnival does not get the revenue.


  4. On 3/26/2019 at 5:29 PM, vicky3vicky said:

    We will be on that cruise as well. have you ever done a Journeys cruise? This will be our first. we are so excited. Have you  joind the Roll Call or one of the Facebook groups?


    Did not know this was a Journeys cruise. Don’ t do Facebook 

  5. Carnival has implemented new restriction on what you can bring aboard. I had to ask: Are Sat Phones allowed? Well the answer was No. They could interfere with navigation was their answer. Lame answer. These are FCC accepted devices and have passed EMI tests. Maybe a better answer would have been that if you want to talk while on the boat, PayUs.

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