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  1. Quick question regarding cabins on the Emerald Princess. Within the last couple of years, were new cabins added to the Emerald? I saw a video awhile back on YouTube that made a comment about this. I can’t remember the name of the video and can no longer find it. Thanks in advance for any replies….. Bob
  2. I just noticed that when I try and post while using my IPAD, the posts do not show up. This is true for both Google Chrome & Safari. I am able to post using my Macbook Pro or my desktop computer. Any ideas on whats going on? Bob
  3. Mic, are you guys opened up yet for cruising? Bob
  4. This article seems to say it passed the whole house..... https://www.juneauempire.com/news/us-house-passes-bill-that-could-allow-an-alaska-cruise-season/ Bob
  5. Here is the latest (1:05pst) on the Princess website..... https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/plan/impacted-and-cancelled-cruises/cancelled-cruises-2021-mx-westcoast-carib-med.pdf Bob
  6. 531 until the next cancellation happens..... Bob
  7. 531 until the next cancellation happens..... Bob
  8. I was looking at a spreadsheet that had the 2022/2023 Americas itineraries listed (Opens up for Elites on the 27th). I was particularly interested in doing a Hawaii itinerary on the Sapphire. I see the Sapphire starts alternating between Hawaii and Mexico at the end of September 2022 through the end of November 2022. After the last Hawaii itinerary, (embarking 17 November 2022), there is nothing listed for the Sapphire until a six day west coast itinerary in the beginning of April 2023. I really wanted to do a Hawaii cruise in the beginning of 2023. Anyone have any idea what the Sapphire might be doing between the end of November and the beginning of April? Bob Copy of 2022-23 Americas FaresItin FOR DISTRIBUTION.xlsx
  9. I’ve had Sushi on the CB and other non-Royal class ships. I’ve seen it offered in the Buffet. It’s not very good at all. The seafood bar on Royal class ships serves sushi that is quite good..... Bob
  10. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/map-and-travel-notices.html Seems like the CDC has rated all of the Caribbean countries, that cruise lines said they were going to sail to, as Level 4 “Do Not Visit” locations. I wonder if airline bans are next..... Bob
  11. Please explain your definition of trivial... Bob
  12. Some of the phase 2A guidelines are absolutely absurd. It is absolutely pathetic what they are doing. One point says embarking & disembarking passengers cannot occupy the same terminal within a 12 hour period. The CDC is doing their absolute best to destroy cruising in the USA. Bob
  13. I just put a deposit down on a cruise wherein I wanted a full suite. The only one available was C104 a forward facing cabin. I remember a number a number of years ago seeing posts that stated at times Princess prevents the use of the balconies of these suites. I was wondering if someone with recent experience could shed light on a more current way this policy is. I know that wind might be an issue, but I was wondering if Princess actually prohibits , at times, the use of the balconies. Thank you in advance for any replies..... Bob
  14. There is no 100% fail safe answer. It is a virus and virus’s are contagious. As long as cruise lines take safety protocol measures coupled with a vaccine, cruising should be allowed to resume.
  15. I want to be onboard so a wholehearted yes I will happily book ship base shore excursions. Will I miss getting off the ship and wandering around; of course l will. The desire to be onboard however will outweigh this..... Bob
  16. Carnival corporation has extended their pause in operations, across all brands, until at least December 31, 2020. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause-extended-through-december-31.html Bob
  17. Does anyone know if the small couches in the aft penthouse suites convert to a sofa bed? We sailed in one on the Royal way back in 2013 but I never checked. Thank you in advance for any replies..... Bob
  18. The problem with calling Princess is you could get 10 different answers to the same question. BTW, I don’t rely on CC for official Information. . The purpose of my post was just general curiosity, nothing more.....🙄🙄🙄 Bob
  19. My cruises are not until September 2021 and I realize that testing requirements can be different a year from now, especially if there is a vaccine. But let's just say testing protocols will be the same this time next year. I am confused about pre boarding testing. My first cruise is out of Southampton and my second one is out of NYC. They are b2b. With flying from LAX and a two day pre-cruise stay in SH, will I have to get a test right before I leave the USA? Will it be honored by authorities in Southampton? Or, will I have to runaround Southampton looking for a rapid results testing facility? What happens for the second cruise out of NYC? How will I get another test on turnaround day (if one is required)? I'm willing to do what is required because of my desire to cruise, but I am confused and it is somewhat stressful as to figuring this all out..... Bob
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