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  1. Not an expert either and I have not spent anytime looking at NCL’s number. I would argue that the economic value has declined. The question is by how much. Clearly they will have a loss for 2020. What will 2021 look like? Future years? Do they have dividends? Will those dividends be reduced or eliminated? How much more debt will they have to take on to maintain cash flow? Investors who agree with you that there is no decline in value (or not as much as the market currently believes) would be the people buying now. Those who think the value could be lower are sellers. If you
  2. totally agree. Cancelled our November trip yesterday. Even if I ever decide to cruise again, the prices will be much lower. I may never cruise again. I was just trying to address the economics of the OP’s suggestion.
  3. It is a nice sentiment, but not economically sound. Even if millions of dollars were pumped into buying the stock, it just raises the stock price. It changes who owns the company, but not the underlying economic value of the company. Typically, there is a correlation between the stock price and the economic value (or at least the perceived or anticipated value). If a group of cruise enthusiasts artificially inflate the price, this will benefit the investors already owing the stock, who will see that the price is now higher than what they value the company at and will now sell. Selling w
  4. Buying stock does not keep a company afloat. NCL gets none of the money. Buy stock if you think it is a good buy right now. That is fine, but buying or not buying stock will not help the industry.
  5. I don’t think they were tested tested. I think it is poor wording or journalism. I think that They have been screened and past screening. I think that is why they are not debarking.
  6. The answer to that it obvious. They don’t want this information out there any more than they are forced to share it.
  7. If this is fake, it is very elaborate. It is on a county health twitter established in 2018 and the Facebook page.
  8. Are there any real scenarios like this? The rules for cancellation have been expanded. I am not aware of situations in which this applies. Interesting question if there are some.
  9. Just got off the Bliss and it was terrible. I was shocked that a brand new ship could be so bad. They told me that they knew it was poor and were not offering the streaming upgrade from the perk to discourage people from choosing that. I had upgraded to premium non-streaming. My niece had the same pal . My husband had purchased streaming plan. There were times that I could not open a basic website. I asked about it, and I did end up with 25% credit on each plan, but when I think about the fact that I paid almost $500 for cruddy internet I am still annoyed.
  10. I think it depends on your personal risk factor. If you believe that you are very nervous and there is any chance that you would cancel when Royal is still going, then cancel now. At this point, I think the cruise lines will only sail low risk itineraries, so if you can handle low risk and possible itinerary changes keep it. Just my opinion, but it appears prices are going down. Ships are being moved from Asia to Europe, raising supply when demand is falling. I think I might cancel the cruise, but keep my flights. You can re-evaluate in a month or two. The gamble is you can ge
  11. What makes no sense is that I do not see where NCL says all passengers cruising need a passport. Are we about to hear more stories as people get turned away from their cruises. We have passports, and yes I know it is “best” to have one. As of now, however, don’t the rules still allow Caribbean cruises without one?
  12. Aside from the sovereign nation issues already noted, this is an apples to oranges comparison. Those Americans were already in China and were no greater risk that millions of others. China was overwhelmed with patients and it was in both countries best interested to quarantine (and care for if necessary) the Americans in the US. The Chinese did not allow the last plane in until the US agreed to use it to bring in supplies. These cruise individuals are not yet in Japan and Japan is trying very hard to protect their citizens. Those that are ill are being allowed into Japan for isolation in
  13. Maybe they do know. Given what the CDC is doing to quarantine non-symptomatic people from the evacuation flights, I truly doubt they are just letting potentially exposed people walk off into the US. We have the greatest medical experts in the world. I am not a doctor, but I get the impression the test is a blood test and may not take much or any culturing time. With a mobile lab, they mau have tested the passengers in question and cleared them already. The one stretcher could be unrelated. I think I read that the ship came in to the harbor early, the CDC has had hours to look at th
  14. Even though it is a private Island it is legally still Bahama territory isn’t it. Perhaps there are taxes to the Government. If I was the Bahamas, I would be taxing visitors to these private islands. It is tax revenue not paid by the residents which all politicians love. I don’t know this for a fact, just a guess.
  15. The one I am watching went up as well. US law requires that an item sell at “full price” for at least a certain amount of time (maybe a day?) within so many days of a sale in order for the sale to not be false advertising. Setting up the “sale”.
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