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  1. Nice to hear your tour filled up. Good that I don't have to rely on our roll call members for our tour either. Thanks for letting me know!
  2. I feel your pain. I am trying to get some traction for a Spain Day tour to Barcelona/Montserrat and so far zip, nada, zilch response. But our cruise sails in October and I'm hoping I can stir up more interest over the next several months. As you mention, your cruise is in May which is cause for alarm if you've only had ONE response. Are people waiting until after final payment before getting their shore activities planned? In our early days of cruising with Oceania (2007-2010) there was lots of activity on the roll calls more than a year out! Folks who left joining private shore excursion
  3. Thank you Cool Cruiser! The link you provided is much appreciated 😊 The sessions I attended (Eurodam 2018 and Nieuw Amsterdam 2019) were standing room only. I quickly realized if I wanted a seat, I had to arrive half an hour before ATK started. Cooks Illustrated hand outs had many valuable tips I have incorporated. The recipe cards have come in handy as well. P.S. I see you are in Ottawa - the city I was born in. I have resided in Vancouver for the past 40 years...
  4. I can well understand your disappointment! The two sessions I attended (2018 and 2019) were held in the BB King's Blues Club venue. Camera work was spotty to put it mildly. No aprons given out at the events but handouts were made available (recipes that had been featured for the demonstration). I asked the chef at the end of the presentation what happened to the food she prepared -- she informed me it all had to be thrown out! Not even ship's crew could consume this food. Something to do with Food and Drug Admin rules, if I remember correctly. What a terrible waste!! Nine years ago,
  5. Thanks for letting me know. Did you take advantage of the discount offered on Cooks Illustrated?
  6. Has anyone attended America's Test Kitchen demonstrations? Is there a promo code given out at these events to access ATK's website and content? I really enjoyed the classes on Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam, but I can't recall being given complimentary access - maybe I should have paid better attention!
  7. Has anyone in the HAL community attended America's Test Kitchen demonstrations on Eurodam, Nieuw Amsterdam, etc.? Is there a special promo code offered at the conclusion to gain access to the America's Test Kitchen website and content? Much appreciated!
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