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  1. If we have 3 people in a room can we still book with priceline? I'm just worried they won't give us a room if we show up with three people? Or should I just book with hotwire?
  2. We are sailing out of Miami on RC in January, but we are flying into Fort Lauderdale the day before. Would you recommend we stay in Fort Lauderdale or Miami? It is my daughter's 10th birthday so we want a hotel with a nice pool, food options within walking distance, and a "nice" hotel (think Hilton, Intercontinental, DoubleTree, Marriott etc). Also open to boutique hotels. Some friends have said FLL is cheaper, but others have advised to stay in Miami in case there is traffic. We'd leave for the port right after we check out. Any advice?
  3. We are looking for a low key beach in St. Martin - we are a couple looking just to relax, swim and chill. We likely will go for the morning and then go back to the ship for lunch. Any recommendations?
  4. My goodness I haven't been on this board for a while so I apologize! We ended up booking Royal Carribean. We loved Princess when my daughter was little (3 and 4) and the kids club was nice for her. We sailed off peak and she was a bit shy so the fact that there were only a few kids worked well (staff was pretty much 1 to 1 because so few kids). Now she will be 10 and is a huge extrovert so we hope that RC will work for us!
  5. I would LOVE to do a Disney cruise but I'm worried about the overwhelm factor as I think the kids are all together (all age groups?) . Also is the price justified? It's so much more than other lines. As seasoned Princess cruisers, my DH of course wants to sail Princess. I love Princess too, but with a 10 year old, if the kids club is a bust there will be nothing for her to do!
  6. My husband and I used to cruise once or twice a year but we haven't been on a cruise since 2014. Our daughter is now 9, and while we cruised Princess when she was a toddler, I'm not sure it's the right fit anymore given her age. She's very social and while not super active, would need some stimulation. We looked at Disney but I think it's pricey. We're planning a cruise for late January 2020. What are your favorite cruise lines with kids at that age? She'll just have turned 10. We also want something where we can relax as adults too and the other priority for us is good food :) . Thanks!
  7. Hello! It's been a long time since we've been on a cruise ship - our last cruise was in 2014. My husband and I did a few cruises pre-kid and when my daughter was 3/4 years old and we have really only been on Princess. Now that my kid is a bit older, we are looking at NCL (also because of the great deals). We're afraid that we're used to Princess (understated, elegant, quiet) and that NCL will not be to our liking - but it also seems like the stuff for kids is way better. As an aside, I'd actually love to do a Disney cruise but I'm not sure if I can justify the cost! Any feedback/insight is appreciated! TIA!
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