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  1. Thanks for posting a review!! Just booked for the June! Can’t wait since last time we were supposed to sail the Breeze we got stuck in Houston with hurricane Harvey and the cruise was cancelled.
  2. I got a text but my husband and Dad both got phone calls.
  3. Absolutely loved your review!! We're sailing the Pride the end of Oct (after our sailing on the Breeze was cancelled last week) and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her and seeing your pics. Thank you!!
  4. Great review!!! We just booked the Pride for the end of Oct (we were supposed to be on the Breeze last week) and loved seeing your pics. Thank you for sharing!!
  5. Thank you for this genius idea for a snack after the casino!
  6. Thank you all for answering. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Hi all! I'm brand new to Carnival and have been on this thread for the last 4 days "researching" and have found lots of helpful info. I do have a few random questions though. Is escargot ever served in the MDR? I noticed its on the menu for the steakhouse. Is it still accurate that "Lobster night:" is the first elegant night? Are there any complimentary beverages (non alcoholic) available such as iced tea or lemonade? Thank you in advance for any answers or advice you feel like sharing with a Carnival Newbie.
  8. Some really awesome ideas on this thread!! Thanks to all for sharing!
  9. We were just having the same "debate". My boys are 9 & 11 so we decided on the Breeze. We have never sailed Carnival and are very excited. We've sailed on Freedom of the Seas (sister ship to Liberty) and enjoyed it but we personally felt like the Breeze is a better fit for our boys at this age. I would love to sail Liberty when they're a little bit older/taller for the flowrider.
  10. Thank you for sharing!! The pics you took are great! We are looking forward to sailing the end of the summer! My boys were very happy when I showed them the arcade pics.
  11. I bought 5 yesterday for $450...didn't realize it was a physical card. I for some reason thought it would be like an e-card so I couldn't use it on my deposit that was due last night. Still a GREAT deal though.
  12. 84 days until our first time on Carnival!! Super excited to check out the Breeze!
  13. Just booked a Cloud 9 spa balcony (actually 2 connecting) after reading this post yesterday and cannot wait! We are brand new to Carnival and can't wait to sail!!
  14. Loving your review, looking forward to reading more! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. We cruise for the convenience of everything in one place. Variety of activities for our boys, variety of food and drinks and most of all being disconnected from our cell phones and internet for a week. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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