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  1. You really have to plan for this before you leave for the cruise. Make sure that whatever you need on the last night and morning will be allowed as a carry-on on the flight home. And that you have a bag to put it in.
  2. Thank you for the information. I love EZCheck.
  3. Does anybody know if Princess still offers EZCheck on The Regal in Fort Lauderdale for Southwest Airlines?
  4. Did you ever see your reservation on Princess.com and see that it showed zero balance due?
  5. That cruise shows sold out online. Did you pay in full? Sometimes they cancel cruises when they charter out the entire ship. But if you made payment, you would have been informed. If you didn’t make payment, you would have been canceled back in October.
  6. I’ll add a twist to this conversation. About 4 years ago, we tendered from Princess at St Thomas. Parked right out in the middle of the bay.
  7. When people describe their experience, it would help if they be clear about if they are referencing check in versus boarding. And if they are talking about the process prior to priority people being allowed to board or if they are referring to time after boarding has started. I think this gets very mixed up and confusing.
  8. I agree that those are 2 drawbacks. But I like them for every other reason. So I just learned to not lay naked on the bed and open the door slowly so as not to hit the drawer if it happened to be open.
  9. Does anybody know if you can use gift cards to buy yourself OBC? I'm not really wanting to have to keep up with several hundred dollars worth of cards until I can get to the service desk. Also, onboard, do they have to have the actual card or can you just have the numbers with the security code?
  10. You don't have to lose "free gratuities". Just have them removed from your onboard account. Just kidding. Don't flame me. Add the additional cabin rate, any difference in tax and port fees, any lost guaranteed deposit, and the promotional items that you will end up having to pay for. Also consider travel costs like airfare differences if you are flying. If that amount justifies moving the date out, do it now. That March price will only go up from here. And might even disappear. I doubt there will be any additional promotions for that March cruise that pop up between now and then. The one exception is that if there is a certain cabin type like a balcony that isn't selling well, it might drop in price temporarily. But not likely.
  11. Can they still purchase Princess travel insurance after final payment? If so, that might be a good route. It may not be a covered reason for refund purposes. But they give a future credit if it is not a covered reason. One level gives 75% and the other gives 100% I believe.
  12. That looks exactly like the cabin we had on Royal. Cruising in another on the Regal in January. There actually is a little private space by the bathroom door. Probably more so than a regular interior.
  13. Any particular trick? Or do you just go to the website and buy them?
  14. Just recently bought $7,000 of cards through Allstate at a 10% discount. Saved $700 less shipping. Applied them to my bookings online easy peasy. One thing of note. Be sure to not mess up the 4 digit code. Almost lost out on $500 because we couldn't read it.
  15. What would be a good method of transportation for 7-9 people from the FLL airport to the Bahia Mar Double Tree Hotel and then from the hotel to Port Everglades the following day.
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