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  1. Any particular trick? Or do you just go to the website and buy them?
  2. Just recently bought $7,000 of cards through Allstate at a 10% discount. Saved $700 less shipping. Applied them to my bookings online easy peasy. One thing of note. Be sure to not mess up the 4 digit code. Almost lost out on $500 because we couldn't read it.
  3. What would be a good method of transportation for 7-9 people from the FLL airport to the Bahia Mar Double Tree Hotel and then from the hotel to Port Everglades the following day.
  4. The only con is that it will cause you to book your next cruise sooner. Or that could be a pro as well.
  5. There is the possibility of tendering at St Thomas. We did that on the Crown Princess a few years ago. Depends on the number of ships.
  6. Can I assume that all priority boarders waiting to board will still be allowed to board before a medallion non-priority boarder? Once general boarding starts, it is first come first board. Medallion only gets you through check in faster. Has no real effect on boarding. Is this correct?
  7. I assume you mean once general boarding has started. I can’t imagine a medallion person would board before priority boarding has finished.
  8. Luggage Valet is an entirely different program that forwards your luggage by common carrier direct from your home to the ship, and vice-versa. Info is on the Princess website: https://www.princess.com/learn/faq_answer/pre_cruise/prepare.jsp (select 'luggage valet'). EZ check takes it from the ship and you don't see it until you get to your home airport.
  9. We have a day sail booked for 6 people with Captain Max in January. Or I should say, we did. I received an email from her that she sold her boat last week and I would now be sailing with Captain Hunter. I did a lot of research before selecting Max. Now I’m nervous about the change. Just looking for some input on if I should change my plans now or just stay the course.
  10. Anybody have any experience with EZ Air sales. On our last cruise in January, we got awesome rates on EZ Air to FLL. But I think it was a sale. Wondered if I might get lucky again next January.
  11. We plan to eat most dinners in buffet. But would like to do a couple of nights in Crown Grill. In the past, we usually dress up each night and do the MDR. Don’t want to mess with nice clothes this time. What are the requirements for Crown Grill?
  12. I got $50 per person credit on that Belize tour with Carnival. It was easy peasy. Assume it would be the same with Princess if you find an exact match.
  13. We always do MDR. Thinking about just relaxing on the next cruise and doing the buffet on several nights. Any idea how the food selection compares to the MDR each night?
  14. I had this problem. Not capital one. It was because my purchases wouldn’t go through due to a p.o, box for my credit card and they won’t deliver to a p.o. box. Had to monkey around with my credit card account address to get it to work. Every time it failed, a pending charge hit my credit card. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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