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  1. Yes I think it is that one. I agree hotel prices are pretty out there right now. Still waiting to see if cruise cancels.
  2. Does anyone know anything about the Best Western Seawall Inn? I looked at Hilton but expensive in July.
  3. So if the Liberty is scheduled for drydock in July does that mean all the July sailings from Galveston will be canceled? We are booked to sail July 25th. If so why would they book a month of sailings knowing the ship will be in drydock.
  4. Thank you. Still don't know if we will be sailing yet. Hoping to hear soon.
  5. I meant to say looking for next to ocean or at least a good view. We stayed at the Galvez many years ago. One other one but cant remember that name.
  6. Looks like maybe we could be sailing late July after all. Now I have to reserve a pre-cruise hotel. I have a few picked out. I was hoping someone who lives there or has stayed in any of these could give me opinions. Beachfront Palms, BW Seawall Inn, Mariner Inn, Country Inn & Suites and Casa Del Mar Beachfront.
  7. Wow. Try Decaf. I wouldn't fly United so no questions for them.. I just thought that since it has been seen in print maybe the product rep would know. The Rep was not knowledgeable about many things during the conversation. Just saggin
  8. Yes, I went looking for info after someone else posted it. I found an RC Fans page that showed an RC Dry Dock for 2021. The Liberty was listed for July. When I spoke with C&A rep, making final payment, he claimed to know absolutely nothing.
  9. Thank you. Now I will stop looking. Paid in Full last week. I am thinking they will cancel long before 30 days out, probably in the next couple of weeks.
  10. We are booked on the July 25th sailing of the Liberty out of Galveston. Now I don't think for a minute it will sail but.... When does RC allow you to complete this process? When I go to My Cruises it says, "Check In Not Available". I know other lines I have been able to do this quite a ways out. Just don't remember on RC. TIA for any info you can provide.
  11. Well we shall know in just a few weeks I believe. I have no reason to believe that we will but hoping.
  12. Thank you for your help. Yes I think we will take the refund as we doubt December will sail either.
  13. Sorry I am confused. We are booked on the Liberty for July 25th. I know that it will not sail. We have to pay in full by this Monday though to keep our cabin. When RC cancels will I be able to move all the money to our December sailing on the Rhapsody? If so and that one cancels will I be able to get full refund? Thank you in advance for any insight you might provide.
  14. I have no idea if this would work but if you paid the TA via a credit card maybe you could challenge the payment in that the TA is not providing the service/item you paid for. Just a thought. I am truly sorry you are having to deal with this issue.
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