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  1. According to the booking terms and conditions listed on the MSC website (at the time of my reservation), in the event that the company cancels a cruise a full refund should be given, not a voucher for future travel. “Before the Voyage begins, the Company has the right to cancel the Voyage for any reason without notice. In such event, The Company shall refund the full amount of the Fare received, and the Company shall have no further liability whatsoever.”
  2. I'm scheduled to sail on the Seaview in May from Barcelona. I'm aware of the current policy but I would sooner get my money back rather than a FCC. If I wait and MSC cancels the cruise would I then be eligible for a refund rather than a FCC?
  3. I would wait it out at this point. I’m booked on the Seaview out of Barcelona on May 23 and am taking a “wait and see” approach. Right now MSC is offering people booked for March and April on Med cruises the option of moving their cruise to a future date or location within the next 12months. If the current situation gets worse (which I think is likely), then I assume MSC will extend the policy to cruises in May and beyond or cancel cruises altogether and give refunds. I am hoping for the best, but I’ll be amazed if our cruise goes ahead as planned right now.
  4. We are supposed to sail out of Barcelona on May 23 on the Seaview after spending the week before in Mallorca. This will be our first MSC cruise and I have been looking forward to seeing if the YC is all it’s cracked up to be. I’m concerned, as I think the incidence of COVID 19 is going to get much more widespread over the coming months, but at this point we are just taking a “wait and see” approach. There is zero benefit in us cancelling at this point in time as we would lose $$$. If the situation does get worse, then hopefully MSC will either cancel and refund our money, or extend their recent policy of allowing bookings to be changed to future cruises at no cost. I’m hoping for the best but quite frankly have resigned myself to the fact that this trip is probably not going to happen. With the current situation in Italy, I don’t see how cruises in the Med are not going to be affected in the coming months, especially for MSC who embarks passengers at basically every port.
  5. Is it possible to buy chips with non refundable OBC in the casino, gamble then cash out the chips (assuming you don’t lose everything) for cash at the end of the cruise?
  6. Thanks, I guess I’ll be bringing my one from home.
  7. Trying to remember what kind of hairdryers Celebrity provides. Are they regular hairdryers like you would have at home or the awful ones that take forever to dry your hair and where you have to keep your finger on the “on” button to keep the air flowing?
  8. Thanks for the replies. I was hoping the MDR would be an option but we’re not concierge class. I guess we’ll have to deal with the crush of the buffet or try one of the pay options.
  9. Just wondering if there are any options other than the buffet for lunch on embarkation day. We are not in a suite and do not have any kind of elite status.
  10. Do you remember on what day the “rest of the voyage” price was offered and how much it was? Leaving on the Silhouette on Thursday and trying to decide whether to buy an internet package now or wait.
  11. I have a booking for May 2020 on the Seaview which I made through an online travel agent. My deposit is listed as “non refundable” on my booking information. This will be our first cruise on MSC and I knew the deposit was non refundable when I booked but at that time I assumed that was just a MSC rule. I was surprised to find out later that usually the deposits are refundable as on other lines. Not sure why mine isn’t.
  12. I hope that poor Butler service is not a trend on the Seaview. CC member Beamafar has a thread on her experiences on the Seaview and she also had some issues with their butler, who I think was called Harry. I’m not demanding but do expect friendly interactions with staff.
  13. Have enjoyed reading your very informative review and am looking forward to hearing your opinion of the Seaview. We are sailing on the Seaview in the YC for our first MSC cruise next May.
  14. Thanks. I’m not usually a gambler ( I hate losing money and that’s what always happens if I play ), but if I thought I might get an offer for 30% off a future cruise, I might be tempted to give it a try, haha!
  15. How much do you have to play before you start getting offers?
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